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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-11255-9.0.0Rel-9Correction to missing parameters in Table E.5.8C and Table F.
34.121-11254-9.0.0Rel-9Support for UMTS/LTE 800 MHz for Europe in 34.121-2R5-103768agreedRP-100521approved9.1.0
34.121-11253-9.0.0Rel-9CR to 34.121-1: Addition of UE RF requirements for UMTS, Band 20R5-103767agreedRP-100521approved9.1.0
34.121-11252-9.0.0Rel-9Support for UMTS/LTE 800MHz for Europe in 34.108R5-103766agreedRP-100521approved9.1.0
34.121-11251-9.0.0Rel-9Removing the square brackets from the values specified for AWGN in DC-HSDPA testsR5-103765agreedRP-100517approved9.1.0
34.121-11250-9.0.0Rel-9CR to 34.121-1: Update to UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD handover (unknown target cell) test caseR5-103762agreedRP-100509approved9.1.0
34.121-11249-9.0.0Rel-9Band20 test requirement additons to sections and
34.121-11248-9.0.0Rel-9Support for UMTS/LTE 800MHz for Europe in 34.121-1R5-103557agreedRP-100521approved9.1.0
34.121-11247-9.0.0Rel-9Correction to test procedure of RRM test 8.3.8R5-103554agreedRP-100507approved9.1.0
34.121-11246-9.0.0Rel-9Correction to reference to Figure D.2.9.3R5-103509agreedRP-100508approved9.1.0
34.121-11245-9.0.0Rel-9Clarifications to TC 5.2C and 5.2D applicabilitiesR5-103507agreedRP-100507approved9.1.0
34.121-11244-9.0.0Rel-9Small corrections to TC 9.2.4BR5-103506agreedRP-100508approved9.1.0
34.121-11243-9.0.0Rel-9Replacing the HS-SCCH Type M with HS-SCCH Type 3R5-103505agreedRP-100508approved9.1.0
34.121-11242-9.0.0Rel-9Introduction of E-AI detection performance test case into AnnexR5-103503agreedRP-100519approved9.1.0
34.121-11241-9.0.0Rel-9Introduction of E-AI detection performance test case into section 7R5-103502agreedRP-100519approved9.1.0
34.121-11240-9.0.0Rel-9Addition of Band20 Test Tolerance for section in 34.121-1 Annex FR5-103168agreedRP-100521approved9.1.0
34.121-11239-9.0.0Rel-9Band20 test requirement additons to Inter/Intra Frequency measurement accuracy related test cases in Chapter 8(8.7.x)R5-103166agreedRP-100521approved9.1.0