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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4011536-9.3.0Rel-9Clarification about Security Context for Emergency Attached UE Details S2-101781 agreedSP-100141approved9.4.0
23.401152829.3.0Rel-9TAI list concept Details S2-101777 agreedSP-100155approved9.4.0
23.401152219.3.0Rel-9Use of Handover Restriction List in X2 handover Details S2-101627 agreedSP-100132approved9.4.0
23.401152019.3.0Rel-9HSS Optimization for T-ADS Details S2-101590 agreedSP-100147approved9.4.0
23.401151119.3.0Rel-9Definition for emergency attached Details S2-101603 agreedSP-100141approved9.4.0
23.401150929.3.0Rel-9Consideration of GW load balancing Details S2-101634 agreedSP-100155approved9.4.0
23.401150829.3.0Rel-9ISR deactivation in PDN GW initiated bearer modification with bearer QoS update Details S2-101630 agreedSP-100132approved9.4.0
23.401150349.3.0Rel-9Clarification for inter-PLMN Handover Details S2-101632 agreedSP-100132approved9.4.0
23.401149519.3.0Rel-9Removal of indirect uplink data forwarding from Inter RAT handovers Details S2-100698 agreedSP-100135approved9.4.0
23.401149319.3.0Rel-9Clarification on CS fallback handling during HO Details S2-100836 agreedSP-100133approved9.4.0
23.4011481-9.3.0Rel-9The transmission of CSG ID and CSG access mode Details S2-100459 agreedSP-100140approved9.4.0
23.401147839.3.0Rel-9Correction to align X2 Path Switch Request Procedure Details S2-100704 agreedSP-100132approved9.4.0
23.401147529.3.0Rel-9Mobility aspects of Emergency attached UEs Details S2-100749 agreedSP-100141approved9.4.0
23.401146719.3.0Rel-9Correction for X2 based handover Details S2-100695 agreedSP-100132approved9.4.0
23.401146579.3.0Rel-9Support for IMS voice over PS indicator for T-ADS Details S2-101756 agreedSP-100147approved9.4.0
23.401146419.3.0Rel-9Alignment to CT WG4's decision on CSG based charging Details S2-100781 agreedSP-100140approved9.4.0
23.4011462-9.3.0Rel-9Clarification on Notify Request Details S2-100221 agreedSP-100141approved9.4.0
23.4011461-9.3.0Rel-9Remove support of emergency handover from HRPD to E-UTRAN Details S2-100220 agreedSP-100141approved9.4.0
23.401146029.3.0Rel-9Inter RAT Handover Info handling during EUTRAN to GERAN HO Details S2-101163 agreedSP-100132approved9.4.0
23.401145839.3.0Rel-9ECGI / user CSG information Reporting procedure Details S2-101791 agreedSP-100155approved9.4.0
23.401145419.3.0Rel-9Clarification on deactivation ISR locally in UE when SMS over SGs is activated Details S2-100838 agreedSP-100155approved9.4.0
23.401145019.3.0Rel-9Addressing of RIM procedures Details S2-100696 agreedSP-100155approved9.4.0
23.401144939.3.0Rel-9Procedure of duplication detection mechanism in PWS  SP-100234approved9.4.0
23.401141269.3.0Rel-9CSG ID Expiration handling when UE is in CSG cell Details S2-101793 agreedSP-100140approved9.4.0