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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012587112.1.0Rel-12Clarification on deactivating SIPTO@LN upon idle mode mobility Details S2-132813 agreedSP-130379approved12.2.0
23.4012585112.1.0Rel-12Correction of Local Home Network Details S2-132811 agreedSP-130379approved12.2.0
23.4012584212.1.0Rel-12Avoiding PDN GW relocation when radio and S1 bearers are active Details S2-132879 agreedSP-130378approved12.2.0
23.4012582212.1.0Rel-12Reporting ULI and TimeZone at Network-initiated bearer release related procedures Details S2-133048 agreedSP-130372approved12.2.0
23.4012578212.1.0Rel-12Addition of a note in general description of inter-RAT HO Details S2-133025 agreedSP-130385approved12.2.0
23.4012576112.1.0Rel-12Fix equivalent PLMN list handling Details S2-132792 agreedSP-130375approved12.2.0
23.4012574212.1.0Rel-12Correction of SIPTO at Local Network Details S2-132894 agreedSP-130379approved12.2.0
23.4012571212.1.0Rel-12GTP-C overload handling Details S2-133028 agreedSP-130384approved12.2.0
23.4012569212.1.0Rel-12Clarifications on QoS and roaming Details S2-133050 agreedSP-130374approved12.2.0
23.4012567212.1.0Rel-12Introduction of GTP-c Load Control Details S2-133029 agreedSP-130384approved12.2.0
23.4012528212.1.0Rel-12Interoperation between MME and Gn/Gp SGSN Details S2-132801 agreedSP-130375approved12.2.0