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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.5220131-11.3.0Rel-11Enhance description of esNotAllowedTimePeriod Details S5-123118 agreedSP-120800approved11.4.0
32.5220128311.3.0Rel-11Addition of probing information to Energy Saving Details S5-123205 agreedSP-120783approved11.4.0
32.5220127111.3.0Rel-11Add relationship diagram for SON coordination Details S5-123129 agreedSP-120791approved11.4.0
32.5220126111.3.0Rel-11Coordination between HOO and LBO Details S5-123128 agreedSP-120791approved11.4.0
32.5220125111.3.0Rel-11Coordination between COC and ANR Details S5-123085 agreedSP-120791approved11.4.0
32.5220120511.3.0Rel-11Add load threshold parameters to Inter-RAT energy saving policy Details S5-123119 agreedSP-120800approved11.4.0
32.5220119211.3.0Rel-11Add conflict detection for general SON coordination solutions Details S5-122598 agreedSP-120791approved11.4.0
32.5220117211.3.0Rel-11Add description for Coordination between SON functions below Itf-N and non-SON operations over Itf-N Details S5-122599 agreedSP-120791approved11.4.0
32.5220115211.3.0Rel-11Further enhancement of general SON coordination solutions Details S5-122596 agreedSP-120791approved11.4.0
32.5220114-11.3.0Rel-11Clean-up changes Details S5-122356 agreedSP-120783approved11.4.0
32.5220111211.3.0Rel-11Correct erroneous function name Details S5-122597 agreedSP-120791approved11.4.0