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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.401152118.8.0Rel-8Use of Handover Restriction List in X2 handover Details S2-101626 agreedSP-100132approved8.9.0
23.401150738.8.0Rel-8ISR deactivation in PDN GW initiated bearer modification with bearer QoS update Details S2-101788 agreedSP-100132approved8.9.0
23.401150268.8.0Rel-8Clarification for inter-PLMN Handover Details S2-101631 agreedSP-100132approved8.9.0
23.401149418.8.0Rel-8Removal of indirect uplink data forwarding from Inter RAT handovers Details S2-100697 agreedSP-100135approved8.9.0
23.401149218.8.0Rel-8Clarification on CS fallback handling during HO Details S2-100835 agreedSP-100133approved8.9.0
23.401147738.8.0Rel-8Correction to align X2 Path Switch Request Procedure Details S2-100703 agreedSP-100132approved8.9.0
23.401146618.8.0Rel-8Correction for X2 based handover Details S2-100694 agreedSP-100132approved8.9.0
23.401145928.8.0Rel-8Inter RAT Handover Info handling during EUTRAN to GERAN HO Details S2-101162 agreedSP-100132approved8.9.0
23.401145728.8.0Rel-8ECGI and TAI information Reporting procedure Details S2-100899 agreedSP-100132approved8.9.0
23.401144838.8.0Rel-8Procedure of duplication detection mechanism in ETWS  SP-100234approved8.9.0