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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.523-30990-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-086 UTRAN-EUTRA RRC test case
36.523-30989-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-086 UTRAN-EUTRA Multi-Layer test case 13.1.4R5s120070agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30988-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA Idle Mode test case
36.523-30987-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to ICMPv6 template in LTE/SAE ATS_12wk05R5s120076agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30986-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-082 EMM test case
36.523-30985-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-082 ESM test case 10.8.7R5s120080agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30984-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EMM testcases and
36.523-30983-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-088 EUTRA-1xRTT RRC test case
36.523-30982-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-081 EUTRA MAC test case
36.523-30981-9.2.0Rel-9LTE_TDD Addition of GCF WI-091 EUTRA MAC test case
36.523-30980-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EutraBand_TypeR5s120073agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30979-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EMM testcase
36.523-30978-9.2.0Rel-9Types mismatch in f_UTRAN_CellInfo_GetNMOR5s110742agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30977-9.2.0Rel-9Modification of template cas_RL_Modify_DPCHInfo_FDDR5s110749agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30976-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to f_UTRAN_RB_SetUpR5s110752agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30975-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-086 Inter-RAT Handover testcases &
36.523-30974-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA test cases to configure measurement gaps^^^^^^^^R5s110743agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30973-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to SMS over SG test cases 11.1.1 and 11.1.2R5s110750agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30972-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to SMS over SG test cases 11.1.3 and 11.1.4R5s110751agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30971-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-081 E-UTRA ETWS testcase 14.1R5s110667agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30970-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI 86 EMM Test Case
36.523-30969-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA RRC test case
36.523-30968-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EMM test case
36.523-30967-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA MAC TBS test cases^^^^^^^^R5s110739agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30966-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA MAC test casesR5s110740agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30965-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-088 Inter-RAT cell selection test cases &
36.523-30964-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EMM test cases^^^^^^^^R5s110744agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30963-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA RRC test cases and
36.523-30962-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI 86,87 EUTRA test case
36.523-30961-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI 81 EUTRA test case 14.1R5s110761agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30960-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-082 EMM test case
36.523-30959-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EMM testcase
36.523-30958-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-082 EUTRA NAS test case
36.523-30957-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-081 EUTRA RRC test cases and
36.523-30956-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA Idle Mode test cases,
36.523-30955-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI 81 EUTRA MAC test case
36.523-30954-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-081 EUTRA RRC Testcase
36.523-30953-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GERAN modules in LTE ATS_wk49R5s120050agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30952-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-088 EUTRA-HRPD test case
36.523-30951-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA_Measurement_Specific_Templates in LTE ATS wk49R5s120052agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30950-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to TLLI deletion at GPRS detachR5s120056agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30949-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-085 Interband test case and
36.523-30948-9.2.0Rel-9LTE_TDD: Addition of GCF WI-091 EUTRA RRC testcase
36.523-30947-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI 81 EUTRA MAC test case
36.523-30946-9.2.0Rel-9LTE_TDD: Addition of GCF WI-091 EUTRA MAC testcase
36.523-30945-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI 82 EMM Test Case
36.523-30944-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI87 EUTRA Idle Mode test case
36.523-30943-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-088 EUTRA-1xRTT test case
36.523-30942-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA RRC test cases
36.523-30941-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EMM test case
36.523-30940-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to RLC test case and MAC test case
36.523-30939-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-081 EUTRA RRC Testcase
36.523-30938-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA test cases and
36.523-30937-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA MAC test cases, and
36.523-30936-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA RRC test cases and
36.523-30935-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-086 Multi-Layer test case 13.1.2R5s120049agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30934-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to UTRAN SIB segmentationR5s110782agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30933-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-081 EUTRA Idle Mode Testcase
36.523-30932-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-086 EUTRA Multi Layer Testcase 13.1.2R5s110787agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30931-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-086 EUTRA RRC Testcase and 8.4.12R5s110788agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30930-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-082 EUTRA EMM Testcase
36.523-30929-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-081 EUTRA RRC Testcase
36.523-30928-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-086 E-UTRA EMM testcase
36.523-30927-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-086 E-UTRA EMM testcase
36.523-30926-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to function fl_RequestPDPContextR5s120002agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30925-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-081 testcase
36.523-30924-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to LTE wk49 ATSR5s110776agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30923-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-086 EUTRA RRC Testcase
36.523-30922-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI87 EUTRA Idle Mode test case
36.523-30921-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA Idle Mode test case
36.523-30920-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA Idle Mode test case
36.523-30919-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA RRC test case
36.523-30918-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EMM test cases and
36.523-30917-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to MAC test case
36.523-30916-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI-087 E-UTRA PLMN Selection testcase
36.523-30915-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to EUTRA RRC test cases
36.523-30914-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to f_EUTRA_TAU_CheckR5s110757agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30913-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to calls to f_EUTRA_SetSIB6_InterFreqCarrierFreqList_F8R5s110753agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30912-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI 81 EUTRA test case 14.2R5s110759agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30911-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of GCF WI87 EUTRA Idle Mode test case
36.523-30910-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of EUTRA test case
36.523-30909-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of EUTRA test case
36.523-30908-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to UTRA RRC establishment cause and check of UTRA QoS paramsR5s110771agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30907-9.2.0Rel-9Corrections to IPv6R5s110773agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30906-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-082 EUTRA ESM Testcases 10.8.5, 10.8.6, 10.9.1R5s110778agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30905-9.2.0Rel-9Regression CR for EUTRA EMM Testcases for D11wk49 ATSR5s110777agreedRP-120189approved9.3.0
36.523-30904-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-086 EUTRA Idle Mode Testcases
36.523-30903-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-081 RLC test cases and
36.523-30902-9.2.0Rel-9CR to 36.523-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 36.523-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-120188approved9.3.0
36.523-30901-9.2.0Rel-9Routine maintenance and updates for EUTRA test modelR5-120721agreedRP-120182approved9.3.0