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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-11507-10.6.0Rel-10Adding Chapter 6 test cases for 3C-HSDPA as part of 4C-HSDPA WPR5-132108agreedRP-130621approved10.7.0
34.121-11506-10.6.0Rel-10Correction to relative Tx power difference between carriers in DC-HSUPAR5-131991agreedRP-130611approved10.7.0
34.121-11505-10.6.0Rel-10Changes to uplink 16QAM test case parameters and test proceduresR5-131989agreedRP-130608approved10.7.0
34.121-11504-10.6.0Rel-10Annexure update to test tolerance and statistical testing for newly added 4C-HSDPA test casesR5-131988agreedRP-130621approved10.7.0
34.121-11503-10.6.0Rel-10Update to test procedure for WCDMA to LTE Scenarios in absence of a configured PDP Context.R5-131968agreedRP-130625approved10.7.0
34.121-11500-10.6.0Rel-10Correction to the content of the test case 9.3.2ACR5-131678agreedRP-130621approved10.7.0
34.121-11498-10.6.0Rel-10Applicability of test frequency ranges as per UE releasesR5-131547agreedRP-130607approved10.7.0
34.121-11497-10.6.0Rel-10Editors note for test cases where Test Requirement not valid above 3GHzR5-131272agreedRP-130625approved10.7.0
34.121-11496-10.6.0Rel-10Clarification of center frequency offset for additional SEM for DC-HSUPAR5-131213agreedRP-130611approved10.7.0
34.121-11495-10.6.0Rel-10Adding definition of UE maximum output power for DC-HSUPAR5-131211agreedRP-130611approved10.7.0