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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012459111.2.0Rel-11Consideration for deciding correct voice support match indicator Details S2-123385 agreedSP-120486approved11.3.0
23.4012454-11.2.0Rel-11Removing note on CSG ID coordination in Rel-11 Details S2-123048 agreedSP-120486approved11.3.0
23.4012450-11.2.0Rel-11Removing NMO-III Details S2-122982 agreedSP-120485approved11.3.0
23.4012444111.2.0Rel-11Storage of EPLMN list in HSS Details S2-123215 agreedSP-120486approved11.3.0
23.4012438211.2.0Rel-11New clause for Homogenous Support of IMS Over PS Sessions Details S2-123221 agreedSP-120486approved11.3.0
23.4012437111.2.0Rel-11Clarification of Homogenous Support of IMS Over PS Sessions in RAU Details S2-123208 agreedSP-120485approved11.3.0
23.4012436111.2.0Rel-11ISR deactivation in GERAN Ready to E-UTRAN intersystem change Details S2-123293 agreedSP-120486approved11.3.0
23.4012435111.2.0Rel-11ISR deactivation in Cell Change Order (CCO) to GERAN Details S2-123291 agreedSP-120485approved11.3.0
23.4012433511.2.0Rel-11Appropriate Cause value from all the Delete Session Request Details S2-123387 agreedSP-120485approved11.3.0
23.4012405211.2.0Rel-11Clarifications to the deferred and static IP address allocations Details S2-123227 agreedSP-120486approved11.3.0