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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.2120220-6.4.0Rel-6Coding for E-AGCH Details R1-050543 agreedRP-050252approved6.5.0
25.2120219-6.4.0Rel-6Re-ordering of the E-DPCCH bit mapping Details R1-050505 agreedRP-050252approved6.5.0
25.212021816.4.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of Compressed mode by puncturing Details R1-050525 agreedRP-050249approved6.5.0
25.212021716.4.0Rel-6MBMS related corrections Details R1-050530 agreedRP-050251approved6.5.0
25.2120216-6.4.0Rel-6Determination of SF and number of PhCHs considering SF2 Details R1-050434 agreedRP-050252approved6.5.0
25.2120215-6.4.0Rel-6Clarification on E-AGCH bit mapping Details R1-050429 agreedRP-050252approved6.5.0
25.212021216.4.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of 80 ms TTI for DCH for all other cases but when the UE supports SF512 Details R1-050522 agreedRP-050243approved6.5.0
25.2120210-6.4.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of DSCH (FDD mode) Details R1-050548 agreedRP-050248approved6.5.0
25.212020816.4.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of CPCH Details R1-050568 agreedRP-050250approved6.5.0
25.212020616.4.0Rel-6E-HICH and E-RGCH serving/non-serving definition clarification  RP-050357approved6.5.0
25.212020516.4.0Rel-6Compressed Mode Operation for the Enhanced Uplink Details R1-050541 agreedRP-050252approved6.5.0
25.212020426.4.0Rel-6E-DCH Corrections Details R1-050540 agreedRP-050252approved6.5.0
25.2120203-6.4.0Rel-6Correction of HSDPA Bit Separation Details R1-050258 agreedRP-050241approved6.5.0