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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012333411.0.0Rel-11UE AS capability request over S1 Details S2-121152 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012327111.0.0Rel-11Load re-balancing between MMEs for Priority Services Details S2-120939 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012326211.0.0Rel-11Priority treatment for Network Management Functions Details S2-121080 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012319-11.0.0Rel-11LIPA PDN connection handling when the UE's CSG membership changes Details S2-120684 agreedSP-120073approved11.1.0
23.4012313211.0.0Rel-11EAB for E-UTRAN Details S2-121057 agreedSP-120089approved11.1.0
23.4012312211.0.0Rel-11Network Provided Location Information Retrieval via Bearer Related Procedure Details S2-121096 agreedSP-120081approved11.1.0
23.4012306111.0.0Rel-11Declaring support for extended TFT filter format Details S2-121003 agreedSP-120089approved11.1.0
23.4012305111.0.0Rel-11Include support of other media for IMS Emergency Session Details S2-120921 agreedSP-120080approved11.1.0
23.4012295111.0.0Rel-11BCM handling in EPC Details S2-120392 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012292111.0.0Rel-11Permit RRC Release in parallel with S1 Release Details S2-120390 agreedSP-120076approved11.1.0
23.4012290-11.0.0Rel-11Correction of CS Service Block by HSS to MME signalling Details S2-120285 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012288111.0.0Rel-11TAU trigger upon receipt of paging in congestion Details S2-120378 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012286211.0.0Rel-11Service user correction for MTC congestion control Details S2-120830 agreedSP-120074approved11.1.0
23.4012285311.0.0Rel-11Packet filter included in the Bearer Resource Modification procedure Details S2-121091 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012279111.0.0Rel-11Clarify reference point used inter-PLMN and intra-PLMN Details S2-120363 agreedSP-120076approved11.1.0
23.4012277111.0.0Rel-11Correct the mistaken IE in the create session request for EMC Details S2-120361 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012270111.0.0Rel-11Barring sub-categories Details S2-120348 agreedSP-120089approved11.1.0
23.4012269111.0.0Rel-11Warning System details move to 23.041 Details S2-120347 agreedSP-120064approved11.1.0
23.4012263-11.0.0Rel-11Correction of the PDN GW selection for the APN with SIPTO permission Details S2-120126 agreedSP-120073approved11.1.0
23.4012260111.0.0Rel-11Add warning NOTE when using PAP for external authentication Details S2-120340 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012253-11.0.0Rel-11IETF reference update for 23.401 Details S2-120058 agreedSP-120089approved11.1.0
23.4012252-11.0.0Rel-11Editorial corrections to 23.401 Details S2-120057 agreedSP-120089approved11.1.0
23.4012251111.0.0Rel-11Corrections to procedure handling of Service Request and S1-based handover Details S2-120318 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012215211.0.0Rel-11MME behaviour in case of SCTP connection loss Details S2-120380 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012188211.0.0Rel-11Correction in PDN GW initiated bearer deactivation Details S2-120360 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012175311.0.0Rel-11SM-Backoff timer for NW initiated bearer deactivation Details S2-121086 agreedSP-120089approved11.1.0
23.4012171111.0.0Rel-11Remove the redundant IE Details S2-120141 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0
23.4012140211.0.0Rel-11Correct the 'MS' to the 'UE' which accesses via E-UTRAN Details S2-120337 agreedSP-120091approved11.1.0