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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2120975111.7.0Rel-11Correct the session termination of S15 Diameter session Details C3-130228 agreedCP-130077approved11.8.0
29.2120973-11.7.0Rel-11Add BBAI related AVPs in CCR of Gx and Gxx Details C3-130151 agreedCP-130077approved11.8.0
29.2120972111.7.0Rel-11Remove the H(e)NB FQDN from the BBAI (29.212) Details C3-130223 agreedCP-130077approved11.8.0
29.2120971211.7.0Rel-11Use of Cause Value from RFC 4006 Details C3-130315 agreedCP-130080approved11.8.0
29.2120970211.7.0Rel-11Location and PLMN handling in SaMOG (29.212 R11) Details C3-130321 agreedCP-130078approved11.8.0
29.2120966111.7.0Rel-11Traffic mapping information sent to UE during the IP-CAN session establishment (R11 29.212) Details C3-130312 agreedCP-130068approved11.8.0
29.2120963-11.7.0Rel-11QCI and ARP handling, Gn connected P-GW (R11 29.212) Details C3-130051 agreedCP-130059approved11.8.0
29.2120959111.7.0Rel-11The scope of Loss_Rec of beaer_29212_R11 Details C3-130283 agreedCP-130059approved11.8.0
29.2120954-11.7.0Rel-11Correction for TFT usage for the primary PDP context when using PGW Details C3-130029 agreedCP-130059approved11.8.0