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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.401144418.7.0Rel-8Alignment of UE Radio capability handling with GERAN decisions Details S2-097258 agreedSP-090782approved8.8.0
23.401144028.7.0Rel-8GBR bearer release when MME fail to page the UE Details S2-097507 agreedSP-090781approved8.8.0
23.401143038.7.0Rel-8Correction to APN-OI handling an inter-access handovers Details S2-097511 agreedSP-090779approved8.8.0
23.401142628.7.0Rel-8Correction to APN-OI Replacement handling to support interworking with pre Rel-8 SGSN Details S2-097497 agreedSP-090783approved8.8.0
23.401141328.7.0Rel-8Add the function of QoS mapping to the PGW Details S2-097503 agreedSP-090781approved8.8.0
23.4011410-8.7.0Rel-8GWCN sharing for LTE Details S2-096699 agreedSP-090784approved8.8.0
23.401140518.7.0Rel-8Determine the Maximum APN restriction in PDN disconnection Details S2-097278 agreedSP-090784approved8.8.0
23.4011379-8.7.0Rel-8SCTP reference correction Details S2-096565 agreedSP-090783approved8.8.0
23.4011377-8.7.0Rel-8Allocation of S-GW resources for indirect forwarding in Inter RAT handover Details S2-096374 agreedSP-090779approved8.8.0
23.401137538.7.0Rel-8Alignment of UE Radio capability handling with RAN 2 decisions on UTRAN RAC handling Details S2-097267 agreedSP-090782approved8.8.0
23.401137118.7.0Rel-8Data Coding Scheme for ETWS Details S2-096446 agreedSP-090769approved8.8.0
23.401136918.7.0Rel-8GBR bearer handling at eNodeB Failure Details S2-096442 agreedSP-090781approved8.8.0
23.4011362-8.7.0Rel-8Correction on the UE requested PDN connectivity procdure Details S2-096305 agreedSP-090782approved8.8.0
23.401136018.7.0Rel-8Removal QoS Negotiated in the modify bearer request mesSge Details S2-096436 agreedSP-090781approved8.8.0
23.401135848.7.0Rel-8Clarification of X2 handover procedure failure Details S2-097501 agreedSP-090779approved8.8.0
23.4011356-8.7.0Rel-8Clarification of TAU procedure Details S2-096292 agreedSP-090780approved8.8.0
23.4011352-8.7.0Rel-8Alignment in Detach procedure Details S2-096288 agreedSP-090784approved8.8.0
23.401134838.7.0Rel-8On X2 based inter-PLMN HO Details S2-097515 agreedSP-090784approved8.8.0
23.401133818.7.0Rel-8Correction to the figure for Routing Area Update without S-GW change Details S2-096423 agreedSP-090780approved8.8.0
23.4011330-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to S1 Release procedure description Details S2-096225 agreedSP-090770approved8.8.0
23.401132818.7.0Rel-8Mapping of APN-AMBR to MBR by UE Details S2-096411 agreedSP-090781approved8.8.0
23.4011317-8.7.0Rel-8Clarify the transfer of MS Info Change Reporting Action IE between CN nodes Details S2-096166 agreedSP-090782approved8.8.0
23.401131118.7.0Rel-8Corrections on the Load re-balancing between MMEs in TAU procedure Details S2-096391 agreedSP-090780approved8.8.0
23.4011309-8.7.0Rel-8Removal of S-GW resources for indirect forwarding in Inter RAT handover Details S2-096155 agreedSP-090779approved8.8.0
23.4011307-8.7.0Rel-8Network Triggered Service Request further clarification Details S2-096152 agreedSP-090782approved8.8.0
23.401130118.7.0Rel-8Correction to MesSge granularity of GTPv2 messages Details S2-096379 agreedSP-090783approved8.8.0
23.401130018.7.0Rel-8Correction for Data Forwarding Details S2-096378 agreedSP-090783approved8.8.0
23.401128218.7.0Rel-8Clean up some obsolete Gtpv2 IEs Details S2-096259 agreedSP-090784approved8.8.0
23.401125428.7.0Rel-8Refactoring Security Parameters for Maintainability Details S2-096404 agreedSP-090784approved8.8.0
23.401122038.7.0Rel-8Correction about inter RAT handover procedure between GERAN A/Gb mode and E-UTRAN in annex D Details S2-097269 agreedSP-090779approved8.8.0
23.401121828.7.0Rel-8Clarification for X2-based handover Details S2-096396 agreedSP-090779approved8.8.0
23.401121218.7.0Rel-8Attach type correction Details S2-096170 agreedSP-090783approved8.8.0
23.401120018.7.0Rel-8Clarification on DRX parameter handling Details S2-096242 agreedSP-090783approved8.8.0
23.401119818.7.0Rel-8MM context after TAU Reject Details S2-096256 agreedSP-090780approved8.8.0