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23.401144719.2.0Rel-9Data forwarding handling to align with RAN WG3 Details S2-097260 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401144519.2.0Rel-9Alignment of UE Radio capability handling with GERAN decisions Details S2-097259 agreedSP-090782approved9.3.0
23.401144129.2.0Rel-9GBR bearer release when MME fail to page the UE Details S2-097508 agreedSP-090781approved9.3.0
23.401143929.2.0Rel-9Capability notification for CS Fallback selection for LCS MO-LR Details S2-097541 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401143129.2.0Rel-9Correction to APN-OI handling an inter-access handovers Details S2-097512 agreedSP-090779approved9.3.0
23.401142729.2.0Rel-9Correction to APN-OI Replacement handling to support interworking with pre Rel-8 SGSN Details S2-097498 agreedSP-090783approved9.3.0
23.401141819.2.0Rel-9Access control in handover to CSG cells Details S2-097376 agreedSP-090787approved9.3.0
23.401141639.2.0Rel-9Bearer release in PGW for X2 HO with SGW relocation Details S2-097506 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401141429.2.0Rel-9Add the function of QoS mapping to the PGW Details S2-097504 agreedSP-090781approved9.3.0
23.4011411-9.2.0Rel-9GWCN sharing for LTE Details S2-096700 agreedSP-090784approved9.3.0
23.401140829.2.0Rel-9Include the Operator CSG list in the UE Details S2-097369 agreedSP-090787approved9.3.0
23.401140619.2.0Rel-9Determine the Maximum APN restriction in PDN disconnection Details S2-097279 agreedSP-090784approved9.3.0
23.401139619.2.0Rel-9Clarification for informing PGW about ULI and CSG info Details S2-097368 agreedSP-090787approved9.3.0
23.401139519.2.0Rel-9The MME capability for supporting IMS emergency services in the Sme PLMN Details S2-097308 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401139429.2.0Rel-9No ISR for UE with ongoing Emergency Bearer Service Details S2-097326 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401138229.2.0Rel-9Access control in handover to CSG cells Details S2-097372 agreedSP-090787approved9.3.0
23.4011380-9.2.0Rel-9SCTP reference correction Details S2-096566 agreedSP-090783approved9.3.0
23.4011378-9.2.0Rel-9Allocation of S-GW resources for indirect forwarding in Inter RAT handover Details S2-096375 agreedSP-090779approved9.3.0
23.401137639.2.0Rel-9Alignment of UE Radio capability handling with RAN 2 decisions on UTRAN RAC handling Details S2-097268 agreedSP-090782approved9.3.0
23.4011374-9.2.0Rel-9Handling of Location Update Failure for Emergency Attach Details S2-096354 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.4011373-9.2.0Rel-9Registration of the PGW/APN pair for UE Requested EMC PDN connections Details S2-096353 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401137219.2.0Rel-9Data Coding Scheme for ETWS Details S2-096447 agreedSP-090769approved9.3.0
23.401137019.2.0Rel-9GBR bearer handling at eNodeB Failure Details S2-096443 agreedSP-090781approved9.3.0
23.4011368-9.2.0Rel-9Addition of the Reference and Miscellaneous corrections Details S2-096321 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.4011363-9.2.0Rel-9Correction on the UE requested PDN connectivity procdure Details S2-096306 agreedSP-090782approved9.3.0
23.401136119.2.0Rel-9Removal QoS Negotiated in the modify bearer request mesSge Details S2-096437 agreedSP-090781approved9.3.0
23.401135949.2.0Rel-9Clarification of X2 handover procedure failure Details S2-097502 agreedSP-090779approved9.3.0
23.4011357-9.2.0Rel-9Clarification of TAU procedure Details S2-096293 agreedSP-090780approved9.3.0
23.4011353-9.2.0Rel-9Alignment in Detach procedure Details S2-096289 agreedSP-090784approved9.3.0
23.401135129.2.0Rel-9RRC connection for EMC service Details S2-097309 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401134939.2.0Rel-9On X2 based inter-PLMN HO Details S2-097516 agreedSP-090784approved9.3.0
23.401134719.2.0Rel-9Providing the selected and equivalent PLMN to target eNB in attach and handover Details S2-096429 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401134519.2.0Rel-9Clarify EMC service in RAU procedure Details S2-096427 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401134149.2.0Rel-9ISR is not activated for emergency attached UE Details S2-097305 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401133919.2.0Rel-9Correction to the figure for Routing Area Update without S-GW change Details S2-096424 agreedSP-090780approved9.3.0
23.401133719.2.0Rel-9Update the IMEI Check during the Emergency Attach procedure Details S2-096422 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.4011336-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to the flow chart of UTRAN to E-UTRAN Inter RAT handover procedure Details S2-096244 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401133519.2.0Rel-9Removal of unnecesSry notifications from MME to HSS Details S2-096418 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.4011334-9.2.0Rel-9Fix for CSFB terminated calls rejection in eNodeB Details S2-096232 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.4011331-9.2.0Rel-9Correction to S1 Release procedure description Details S2-096226 agreedSP-090770approved9.3.0
23.401132919.2.0Rel-9Mapping of APN-AMBR to MBR by UE Details S2-096412 agreedSP-090781approved9.3.0
23.401132619.2.0Rel-9Remove 'TEID' in Delete Session Request /Response mesSge Details S2-096403 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.4011325-9.2.0Rel-9UnnecesSry 'P-GW F-TEID' in Modify bearer request message Details S2-096190 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.4011324-9.2.0Rel-9Correction on information storage Details S2-096188 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401132229.2.0Rel-9Avoid overload impact to PS EMC call-back service Details S2-097306 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401131919.2.0Rel-9Correct the timer in old MME in RAU procedure Details S2-096400 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.4011318-9.2.0Rel-9Clarify the transfer of MS Info Change Reporting Action IE between CN nodes Details S2-096167 agreedSP-090782approved9.3.0
23.401131619.2.0Rel-9Correction for the start of the timer for release of the indirect forwarding resources Details S2-096394 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401131419.2.0Rel-9Clarification of UE or MME requested PDN disconnection procedure Details S2-096393 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401131219.2.0Rel-9Corrections on the Load re-balancing between MMEs in TAU procedure Details S2-096392 agreedSP-090780approved9.3.0
23.4011310-9.2.0Rel-9Removal of S-GW resources for indirect forwarding in Inter RAT handover Details S2-096156 agreedSP-090779approved9.3.0
23.4011308-9.2.0Rel-9Network Triggered Service Request further clarification Details S2-096153 agreedSP-090782approved9.3.0
23.401130219.2.0Rel-9Correction to MesSge granularity of GTPv2 messages Details S2-096380 agreedSP-090783approved9.3.0
23.401129519.2.0Rel-9Clarification of mobility restriction handling for emergency bearers Details S2-096455 agreedSP-090789approved9.3.0
23.401128319.2.0Rel-9Clean up some obsolete Gtpv2 IEs Details S2-096260 agreedSP-090784approved9.3.0
23.401128129.2.0Rel-9Bearer status sychronization in service request procedure Details S2-096425 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401125529.2.0Rel-9Refactoring Security Parameters for Maintainability Details S2-096405 agreedSP-090784approved9.3.0
23.401122719.2.0Rel-9Clarification about the update of the UE AMBR for bearer modification Details S2-096189 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401122139.2.0Rel-9Correction about inter RAT handover procedure between GERAN A/Gb mode and E-UTRAN in annex D Details S2-097270 agreedSP-090779approved9.3.0
23.401121929.2.0Rel-9Clarification for X2-based handover Details S2-096397 agreedSP-090779approved9.3.0
23.401121519.2.0Rel-9Add Serving Network IE in the Attach/TAU/RAU/HO procedures. Details S2-096192 agreedSP-090797approved9.3.0
23.401121329.2.0Rel-9Attach type correction Details S2-096395 agreedSP-090783approved9.3.0
23.401120119.2.0Rel-9Clarification on DRX parameter handling Details S2-096243 agreedSP-090783approved9.3.0
23.401119919.2.0Rel-9MM context after TAU Reject Details S2-096257 agreedSP-090780approved9.3.0