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See details 51.010-14653-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4653 Size of short and long PLMN name corrected Details GP-111535 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MERohde & Schwarz Details GP-111535 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14649-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4649 New test case tc 58d.1.3 Details GP-111528 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEST-Ericsson Details GP-111528 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14648-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4648 New test case tc 58d.1.2 Details GP-111527 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEST-Ericsson Details GP-111527 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14645-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4645 Introduction of performance values for VAMOS II MS Details GP-111518 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MERohde & Schwarz Details GP-111518 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0
See details 51.010-14644-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4644 14.2.35. Alignment to new test procedure Details GP-111517 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MERohde & Schwarz Details GP-111517 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0
See details 51.010-14643-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4643 Aligning Extreme test conditions with 45.005 Details GP-111523 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MESamsung Details GP-111523 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14642-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4642 26.21.x VAMOS type II PICS and other corrections Details GP-111513 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MERohde & Schwarz Details GP-111513 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0
See details 51.010-14641-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4641 New test case for layer 2 fill bits randomisation Details GP-111511 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEAnite, Rohde & ... Details GP-111511 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14640-F9.7.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4640 31.x - Correction to the contents of the reference parts Details GP-111509 agreedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MECGC Inc. Details GP-111509 approvedGERAN3new#52-ELECTRONIC MEG3new9.8.0TEI_Test