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See details 51.010-14546-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4546 A-GNSS references and editorial corrections Details GP-101721 agreedGERAN#48Spirent Communi... Details GP-101721 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0
See details 51.010-14545-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4545 Various tidy-ups of A-GNSS Moblie Originated Location Request test cases Details GP-101711 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101711 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest
See details 51.010-145441F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4544 Additional Pixit Statement for test cases requiring “Memory Full” condition Details GP-101739 agreedGERAN#48Qualcomm Incorp... Details GP-101739 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14543-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4543 TBF Starting time offset Details GP-101694 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-101694 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14542-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4542 PSI5 to be removed from initial conditions Details GP-101693 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-101693 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14541-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4541 Clarification on active slots configuration for test signals I4 and I5 with a multi-slot test condition Details GP-101700 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-101700 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-145391F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4539 22.9a New Test: EGPRS2A uplink power control – independence of TS power control Details GP-102053 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-102053 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0HUGE-Mstest
See details 51.010-145382F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4538 22.8a New Test: EGPRS2A uplink power control- use of ? and ?CH parameter Details GP-102052 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-102052 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0HUGE-Mstest
See details 51.010-145371F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4537 13.17.2a New Test: Frequency error under multipath and interference conditions for EGPRS2A configuration Details GP-102051 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-102051 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0HUGE-Mstest
See details 51.010-14536-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4536 42.7.6 Test procedure and title changed to two phase access Details GP-101691 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-101691 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-145351F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4535 Additional fields on SIM considered by a note Details GP-101736 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-101736 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14533-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4533 26.9.6a.1.5 T3242 timer adjustment to core specs Details GP-101687 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz... Details GP-101687 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0eCall_MSTest
See details 51.010-145321F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4532 26.9.6a.1.2 T3243 timer adjustment to core specs Details GP-101741 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz... Details GP-101741 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0eCall_MSTest
See details 51.010-14531-F9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4531 BA IND of SI 2 and SI2bis in step 6 to be set to 1 Details GP-101685 agreedGERAN#48Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-101685 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14530-B9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4530 Addition of GNSS ‘MT-LR : RR Management Commands’ test case Details GP-101684 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101684 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest
See details 51.010-14529-B9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4529 Addition of GNSS ‘MT-LR : Multiple RRLP Requests with Different Extended Reference Number’ test case Details GP-101683 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101683 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest
See details 51.010-14528-B9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4528 Addition of GNSS ‘MT-LR : Multiple RRLP Requests with Same Reference Number and Extended Reference Number’ test case Details GP-101682 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101682 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest
See details 51.010-14527-B9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4527 Addition of GNSS ‘MT-LR : Multiple RRLP Requests with Different Reference Number’ test case Details GP-101681 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101681 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest
See details 51.010-14526-B9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4526 Addition of GNSS ‘MT-LR Location Error: Requested Method not Supported’ test case Details GP-101680 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101680 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest
See details 51.010-14524-B9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4524 Addition of GNSS ‘MO-LR : RR Management Commands’ test case Details GP-101678 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101678 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest
See details 51.010-14523-B9.3.0Rel-9CR 51.010-1-4523 Addition of GNSS ‘MO-LR : Multiple RRLP Requests with Different Extended Reference Number’ test case Details GP-101677 agreedGERAN#48Thales Details GP-101677 approvedGERAN#48G3new9.4.0AGNSSPTP-MStest