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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.301087119.3.0Rel-9Alignment with 23.401 for ESM cause value #52 single address bearers only allowedC1-103273agreedCP-100501approved9.4.0
24.301086819.3.0Rel-9Inclusion of transaction identifierC1-103271agreedCP-100501approved9.4.0
24.301085919.3.0Rel-9Local bearer deactivation and UE statusC1-103244agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301085419.3.0Rel-9Skip authentication during TAU in EMC casesC1-103242agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301085219.3.0Rel-9Context transfer on inter-system change from A/Gb mode or Iu modeC1-103260agreedCP-100485approved9.4.0
24.301085019.3.0Rel-9No EPS bearer context activated during combined tracking area updateC1-103263agreedCP-100495approved9.4.0
24.301084419.3.0Rel-9Handling of collision of Network Initiated Detach procdure with Service Request procedure and TAU procedure.C1-103241agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301084219.3.0Rel-9Clarification to an emergency PDN connection establishment procedure.C1-103239agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301083239.3.0Rel-9Correction on CS Fallback procedure using Release with RedirectionC1-102910agreedCP-100495approved9.4.0
24.301082019.3.0Rel-9Allowing the UE to send a request for emergency call when the timer T3442 is runningC1-102755agreedCP-100501approved9.4.0
24.301081229.3.0Rel-9On UE handling of 1xCSFB failure due to lower layer failureC1-102782agreedCP-100501approved9.4.0
24.301079719.3.0Rel-9Clarification to timer T3418 and T3420 timer description in EMC caseC1-102573agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301079429.3.0Rel-9Skip Authentication for Emergency ServicesC1-102901agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301078919.3.0Rel-9Adding spec reference to ensure QoS alignmentC1-102722agreedCP-100501approved9.4.0
24.301078719.3.0Rel-9Emergency security context creation at standalone SMCC1-102571agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301078629.3.0Rel-9Handling of Detach Procedure for non-EPS services on a CSG cell which is no longer valid for the UE.and IMS EMG call is active.C1-102776agreedCP-100506approved9.4.0
24.301073949.3.0Rel-9Corrections to UE mode of operation selection taking into account the UE's availability for voice calls in the IMSC1-102794agreedCP-100501approved9.4.0