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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.123045917.10.0Rel-7Addition of requirement UTRAN to GSM Cell Re-Selection: HCS with only UTRA level changed for 1,28 Mcps TDDR4-100880agreedRP-100258approved7.11.0
25.1230456-7.10.0Rel-7Addition of requirement TDD/TDD Handover for 1,28 Mcps: Handover to inter-band cell: Scenario 2R4-100685agreedRP-100259approved7.11.0
25.1230453-7.10.0Rel-7Addition of requirement Serving HS-DSCH cell change for 1,28 Mcps TDDR4-100682agreedRP-100258approved7.11.0
25.1230450-7.10.0Rel-7Addition of requirement Random Access for 1,28 Mcps TDDR4-100679agreedRP-100258approved7.11.0
25.1230447-7.10.0Rel-7Addition of requirement Cell Re-selection in CELL_FACH: Cell Reselection to GSM for 1,28 Mcps TDDR4-100676agreedRP-100259approved7.11.0
25.1230444-7.10.0Rel-7Addition of requirement 5ms TTI E-DCH E-TFC restriction for 1,28 Mcps TDDR4-100673agreedRP-100258approved7.11.0
25.1230441-7.10.0Rel-71.28Mcps TDD P-CCPCH RSCP measurement test caseR4-100484agreedRP-100259approved7.11.0
25.1230438-7.10.0Rel-7TDD/TDD Handover for 1,28 Mcps Option: Hard Handover to inter-band cell 25.123 7.10.0R4-100481agreedRP-100259approved7.11.0
25.123043517.10.0Rel-7Cell re-selection to inter-band TDD cell in 25.123 7.10.0R4-100906agreedRP-100258approved7.11.0