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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.2720822111.0.0Rel-11Alignment with stage 3 for the condition to deactivate ISR by the SGSNS2-122569agreedSP-120251approved11.1.0
23.2720801111.0.0Rel-11Update to SMS in MME Architecture reference pointsS2-122447agreedSP-120240approved11.1.0
23.2720797111.0.0Rel-11Taking UE support/non-support of GERAN network sharing into account in CSFBS2-122520agreedSP-120246approved11.1.0
23.2720795411.0.0Rel-11Partial VLR failure or VLR restart with CSFB and ISRS2-122468agreedSP-120237approved11.1.0
23.2720793211.0.0Rel-11Correction of system behaviour upon PGW initiated last PDP Context Deactivation when SGs is associated and ISR is activatedS2-122458agreedSP-120232approved11.1.0
23.2720772211.0.0Rel-11Correction for downlink unreachable due to wrong suspendingS2-121900agreedSP-120237approved11.1.0
23.2720766111.0.0Rel-11Handling of SMS over SGs in case of absent LAIS2-121841agreedSP-120237approved11.1.0
23.2720764611.0.0Rel-11UE Availability for SMSS2-122597agreedSP-120240approved11.1.0
23.2720761711.0.0Rel-11Correction of SMS in MME related Cancellation ProcessesS2-122564agreedSP-120239approved11.1.0
23.2720760211.0.0Rel-11Clarifying the feature definition for SMS in MMES2-121907agreedSP-120239approved11.1.0