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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2121015112.0.0Rel-12Clarify the provision of PCC rules Details C3-130866 agreedCP-130315approved12.1.0
29.2121014212.0.0Rel-12Race condition handling for Gx based applications Details C3-130800 agreedCP-130336approved12.1.0
29.2121013312.0.0Rel-12Corrections to the Event Report Indication Details C3-130887 agreedCP-130316approved12.1.0
29.2121008112.0.0Rel-12network provided location information related corrections Details C3-130787 agreedCP-130331approved12.1.0
29.2121006112.0.0Rel-12Clarification of the packet filter id only assigned for the UE-initiated resource modification procedure Details C3-130715 agreedCP-130346approved12.1.0
29.2121005212.0.0Rel-12Supporting BPCF-initiated gatewaycontro and QoS rule request procedure for HNB CS traffic Details C3-130861 agreedCP-130328approved12.1.0
29.2121003112.0.0Rel-12Correction to event reporting indication Details C3-130769 agreedCP-130322approved12.1.0
29.2121000-12.0.0Rel-12Disabling usage monitoring Details C3-130495 agreedCP-130348approved12.1.0
29.2120997212.0.0Rel-12User Location Information Age Details C3-130897 agreedCP-130331approved12.1.0
29.2120995112.0.0Rel-12UE IPv4 address avaliability in TDF session establishement Details C3-130766 agreedCP-130322approved12.1.0
29.2120993212.0.0Rel-12Correction of PCC Rules to include support for ADC function Details C3-130872 agreedCP-130349approved12.1.0
29.2120988312.0.0Rel-12Time-based usage monitoring control Details C3-130892 agreedCP-130350approved12.1.0
29.2120985112.0.0Rel-12IP-CAN Session Modification Rejection during SGW Restoration procedure Details C3-130712 agreedCP-130325approved12.1.0
29.2120983212.0.0Rel-12Correction in QoS handling procedures in Gn-PGW Details C3-130842 agreedCP-130316approved12.1.0
29.2120977112.0.0Rel-12Reference model update to include Gyn and Gzn Details C3-130793 agreedCP-130341approved12.1.0