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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-32774-8.4.0Rel-8FDD ASP enhancement for the enhanced UL of FACH testR5-101048agreedRP-100150approved8.5.0
34.123-32773-8.4.0Rel-8Update ASP for FDD dual cell testR5-101047agreedRP-100149approved8.5.0
34.123-32772-8.4.0Rel-8Routine maintenance for divergent updatesR5-101042agreedRP-100137approved8.5.0
34.123-32771-8.4.0Rel-8UTRA LCR TDD ASP enhancement for Rel-8R5-100047agreedRP-100153approved8.5.0
34.123-32770-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 25 HSUPA MAC test case
34.123-32769-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of CS Over HSPA test case 14.7.10R5s100059agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32768-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to HSD, HSU and HS7 test casesR5s100056agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32767-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to RRC test cases, and
34.123-32766-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of MAC test case
34.123-32765-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of MAC test case
34.123-32764-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of MAC test case
34.123-32763-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32762-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32761-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32760-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32759-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32758-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32757-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32756-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32755-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32754-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32753-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RAB test case
34.123-32752-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32751-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RLC test case
34.123-32750-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of RRC test case
34.123-32749-8.4.0Rel-8LCR TDD: Addition of NAS test case
34.123-32748-8.4.0Rel-8Regression CR on wk46 TTCNR5s090304agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32747-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to test cases and
34.123-32746-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI 25 HSU test case
34.123-32745-8.4.0Rel-8AGPS baseline upgrade to March 09 in Rel-8R5s090224agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32744-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to CPC test case
34.123-32743-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections to R99 NAS ATSR5s100046agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32742-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to HSPA7 suiteR5s100048agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32741-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections to CPC RRC testcase
34.123-32740-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-7 test step ts_InitVariablesRel7R5s100037agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32739-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to R99 testcase
34.123-32738-8.4.0Rel-8TTCN Correction to test step ts_CC_EnterU10_MOR5s100028agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32737-8.4.0Rel-8TTCN Correction to testcase
34.123-32736-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections to CPC testcases &
34.123-32735-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to the test cases from HSD_ENH_r5 test suiteR5s100026agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32734-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 80 Rel-7 CPC RRC test case
34.123-32733-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to RRC test cases and
34.123-32732-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to Rel-7 CPC testcase
34.123-32731-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to RRC test case,, and
34.123-32730-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of RFT 80 test case
34.123-32729-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of RFT080 test case
34.123-32728-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of RFT080 test case
34.123-32727-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of RFT080 test case
34.123-32726-8.4.0Rel-8Addition of RFT067 test case
34.123-32725-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections to GMM test case 12.9.12R5s090207agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32724-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to the test cases and 14.7.9R5s090309agreedRP-100145approved8.5.0
34.123-32723-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to RRC HSDPA test case
34.123-32722-8.4.0Rel-8Correction to HSPA7 Enhanced L2 test case
34.123-32721-8.4.0Rel-8CR to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-100144approved8.5.0