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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.229-10256-9.1.0Rel-9Changes to common messages for IMS emergency session setupR5-105023agreedRP-100838approved9.2.0
34.229-10255-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case 15.X Communication Waiting and answering the callR5-104740 RP-100985approved9.2.0
34.229-10254-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case for user initiated re-registration using GIBAR5-104739 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10253-9.1.0Rel-9Update generic procedures C.1, C.2 and C.2aR5-104738 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10252-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case 15.X Three way session creationR5-104522 RP-100985approved9.2.0
34.229-10251-9.1.0Rel-9Update test case 13.1R5-104435 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10250-9.1.0Rel-9Update annex A for GIBAR5-104434 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10249-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case for user initiated de-registration using GIBAR5-104433 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10248-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case for initial registration using IMS AKA and GIBA against a network with GIBA support onlyR5-104431 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10247-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case for initial registration using GIBAR5-104430 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10246-9.1.0Rel-9Remove clause 8 test cases for early IMS securityR5-104429 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10245-9.1.0Rel-9Add generic procedure for EPS bearer context activationR5-104311 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10244-9.1.0Rel-9Add generic procedure for PDP context activationR5-104310 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10243-9.1.0Rel-9Update annex C.6R5-104309 RP-100986approved9.2.0
34.229-10242-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case 15.x Communication Waiting and cancelling the callR5-104292 RP-100985approved9.2.0
34.229-10241-9.1.0Rel-9Add new test case 15.x Communication Forwarding not reachableR5-104291 RP-100985approved9.2.0
34.229-10240-9.1.0Rel-9Correction to default Status Report for MO SMSR5-104113 RP-100985approved9.2.0