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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-11164-8.6.0Rel-8Update of Annex for Extended UMTS 800R5-092463 RP-090647approved8.7.0
34.121-11163-8.6.0Rel-8Introduction of Extended UMTS800 for TRx requirementsR5-092462 RP-090647approved8.7.0
34.121-11162-8.6.0Rel-8to 34.121-1: Addition of band XIX to RRM test casesR5-092438 RP-090647approved8.7.0
34.121-11161-8.6.0Rel-8Test frequencies for Additional Spurious Emission test caseR5-092267agreedRP-090444approved8.7.0
34.121-11160-8.6.0Rel-8Corrections to Annex C.11.3 for E-DCH test casesR5-092662agreedRP-090432approved8.7.0
34.121-11159-8.6.0Rel-8Correction to HSUPA TC 5.2D and 5.13.2BR5-092659agreedRP-090432approved8.7.0
34.121-11158-8.6.0Rel-8New TC9.2.1L -- Single Link Performance - Enhanced Performance Requirements Type 3i - QPSK, Fixed Reference Channel (FRC) H-Set 6R5-092654agreedRP-090442approved8.7.0
34.121-11157-8.6.0Rel-8Clarification about Rx Diversity in RRM testsR5-092650agreedRP-090432approved8.7.0
34.121-11156-8.6.0Rel-8Update of Annexure A and Annexure E.R5-092634agreedRP-090442approved8.7.0
34.121-11155-8.6.0Rel-8New HSDPA demodulation test for MIMO + 64QAM into 34.121-1R5-092631agreedRP-090444approved8.7.0
34.121-11154-8.6.0Rel-8Correction to 64QAM TCs of 6.3B, 9.2.1H, and 9.2.1IR5-092368agreedRP-090433approved8.7.0
34.121-11153-8.6.0Rel-8Addition of 64QAM + MIMO test case in annex of 34.121-1R5-092175agreedRP-090444approved8.7.0
34.121-11152-8.6.0Rel-8Correction to TRANSPORT CHANNEL RECONFIGURATION message in Annex IR5-092145agreedRP-090432approved8.7.0
34.121-11151-8.6.0Rel-8Statistical annex: HSDPA in CELL_FACHR5-092134agreedRP-090445approved8.7.0