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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
37.571-10026-10.1.0Rel-10New common text for test cases 10.1 - 10.4 for RSTD for Carrier AggregationR5-124120agreedRP-121678approved10.2.0
37.571-10025-10.1.0Rel-10Add editor's note for value of Iprs for test case 9.1.4R5-125916agreedRP-121665approved10.2.0
37.571-10024-10.1.0Rel-10Correction of OCNG Patterns for UE Rx - Tx Time Difference Test CasesR5-125848agreedRP-121665approved10.2.0
37.571-10023-10.1.0Rel-10Corrections to procedures for RSTD testsR5-125847agreedRP-121665approved10.2.0
37.571-10022-10.1.0Rel-10Adding bands 28 and 44 to TS 37.571-1R5-125831agreedRP-121689approved10.2.0
37.571-10021-10.1.0Rel-10New test case 10.4.TDD RSTD Measurement Accuracy for Carrier AggregationR5-125809agreedRP-121677approved10.2.0
37.571-10020-10.1.0Rel-10New test case 10.3 FDD RSTD Measurement Accuracy for Carrier AggregationR5-125808agreedRP-121677approved10.2.0
37.571-10019-10.1.0Rel-10New test case 10.2 TDD RSTD Measurement Reporting Delay for Carrier AggregationR5-125807agreedRP-121677approved10.2.0
37.571-10018-10.1.0Rel-10New test case 10.1 FDD RSTD Measurement Reporting Delay for Carrier AggregationR5-125806agreedRP-121677approved10.2.0
37.571-10016-10.1.0Rel-10Correction to LPP Message Content for GNSS Moving Scenario TestR5-125188agreedRP-121665approved10.2.0
37.571-10015-10.1.0Rel-10Corrections to referencesR5-125136agreedRP-121665approved10.2.0