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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2990595112.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.299 Correction to support multiple Transit IOI Lists in IMS ChargingS5-143367agreedSP-140343approved12.5.0
32.2990591112.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.299 Correction for TADS indication AVPS5-143359agreedSP-140346approved12.5.0
32.2990589-12.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.299 Renaming of TWAN-SSID and TWAN-BSSID AVPsS5-143091agreedSP-140335approved12.5.0
32.2990587112.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.299 Introduction of charging information for CHIPS - align with TS 32.251S5-143292agreedSP-140339approved12.5.0
32.2990586212.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.299 Introduction of charging information for Voice Call Service (VCS)S5-143297agreedSP-140342approved12.5.0
32.2990585112.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32299 Introduce Core Network Operator selection origin for Shared NetworksS5-140754agreedSP-140336approved12.5.0
32.2990584-12.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32299 Introduce Access Line Identifier in PS-Information for Convergent Fixed-Mobile scenarioS5-140600agreedSP-140341approved12.5.0
32.2990583112.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.299 To add AVP definitions and clarifications for application based charging to align with TS 32.251S5-140705agreedSP-140337approved12.5.0
32.2990582112.4.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.299 Remove clause 6.3 Editor's NotesS5-140561agreedSP-140336approved12.5.0