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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.521-20111-11.0.0Rel-11Removal of Spurious emission UE co-existence test case from 36.521-2R5-132111agreedRP-130609approved11.1.0
36.521-20110-11.0.0Rel-11Update of FGI tables in TS 36.521-2R5-132015agreedRP-130611approved11.1.0
36.521-20109-11.0.0Rel-1136.521-2 specification clean upR5-132013agreedRP-130626approved11.1.0
36.521-20108-11.0.0Rel-11Updates to applicability for newly introduced eICIC feature chapter9 RRM test cases in 36.521-2R5-131927agreedRP-130622approved11.1.0
36.521-20107-11.0.0Rel-11Addition of applicability for FDD RF TCs,,, and TDD RF TCs,, and
36.521-20106-11.0.0Rel-1136.521-2: Inter-band CA configurations updateR5-131912agreedRP-130628approved11.1.0
36.521-20105-11.0.0Rel-11Corrections to Table 4.1-1a Applicability of RF conformance test cases Conditions and table Table 4.2-1a: Applicability of RRM conformance test cases ConditionsR5-131712agreedRP-130611approved11.1.0
36.521-20104-11.0.0Rel-11Corrections of eDL-MIMO applicability to align with reporting of CSIR5-131525agreedRP-130623approved11.1.0
36.521-20103-11.0.0Rel-11Addition of applicability for Configured UE transmitted Output Power for inter-band CAR5-131444agreedRP-130636approved11.1.0
36.521-20102-11.0.0Rel-11Correction of applicability conditions for TC TC and TC in 36.521-2R5-131212agreedRP-130611approved11.1.0
36.521-20101-11.0.0Rel-11Introduction of Maximum Input Level test case for CA (inter-band DL CA without UL CA) into applicability specificationR5-131159agreedRP-130636approved11.1.0
36.521-20100-11.0.0Rel-11Introduction of new rel-11 Reporting of RI test cases into applicability specificationR5-131155agreedRP-130635approved11.1.0