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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.3070347-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination CA_41D into TS 36.307 (Rel-12)R4-143987agreedRP-140943approved12.4.0
36.3070341-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA_42C to TS 36.307R4-142905agreedRP-140946approved12.4.0
36.3070340-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band 1 and Band 20 to TS 36.307R4-143791agreedRP-140942approved12.4.0
36.3070319-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE_CA_NC_B42 into 36.307R4-143708agreedRP-140940approved12.4.0
36.3070301-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of Band 40D in release independent specification (Rel-11)R4-143544agreedRP-140947approved12.4.0
36.3070300-12.3.0Rel-12Correction of Common RRM requirements for CA in release independent specification (Rel-12)R4-143534agreedRP-140918approved12.4.0
36.3070291-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA_2A-2A to TS 36.307 Rel-12R4-143329agreedRP-140938approved12.4.0
36.3070280112.3.0Rel-12Introduction of Band 20+32 CAR4-143951agreedRP-140926approved12.4.0
36.3070275-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band 4 and Band 27 to TS 36.307R4-142896agreedRP-140933approved12.4.0
36.3070265-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA 1+11 to 36.307 (Rel-12)R4-142620agreedRP-140931approved12.4.0
36.3070259-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band 1 and Band 5 to TS 36.307R4-142080agreedRP-140911approved12.4.0
36.3070253-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band 3 and Band 27 to TS 36.307R4-141569agreedRP-140942approved12.4.0