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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.521-30793-11.1.0Rel-11Correction of configurations in RSRP TDD absolute and relative accuracy for CA test casesR5-133447agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30792-11.1.0Rel-11CA RRM: Clarification of applicability and completness status of CA RRM TC-sR5-133901agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30791-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to CGI test casesR5-133729agreedRP-131103approved11.2.0
36.521-30790-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of RMC and OCNG pattern for CA 20 MHzR5-133896agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30789-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to E-UTRAN RSRP and RSRQ accuracy for CA test cases of 36.521-3R5-133728agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30788-11.1.0Rel-11Corrections to RRM CA measurement accuracy CA test cases with PCell and SCell switchingR5-133727agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30787-11.1.0Rel-11Cell configuration mapping for new CA TCs for 20MHzR5-133862agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30786-11.1.0Rel-11New RRM TC TDD Absolute RSRP Accuracy for E-UTRA Carrier Aggregation for 20 MHzR5-133861agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30785-11.1.0Rel-11New RRM TC TDD Relative RSRP Accuracy for E-UTRA Carrier Aggregation for 20 MHzR5-133860agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30784-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to RRM CA test case 8.20.1R5-133859agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30783-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of new CA TC TDD Relative RSRQ Accuracy for E-UTRA Carrier Aggregation for 20MHzR5-133858agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30782-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of new CA TC TDD Absolute RSRQ Accuracy for E-UTRA Carrier Aggregation for 20MHzR5-133857agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30781-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of new CA TC 8.16.6 E-UTRAN TDD event triggered reporting under deactivated SCell in non-DRX for 20 MHz bandwidthR5-133856agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30780-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of new CA TC 8.16.5 E-UTRAN FDD event triggered reporting under deactivated SCell in non-DRX for 20 MHz bandwidthR5-133855agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30779-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to 9.6.1 and 9.6.2 of 36.521-3R5-133842agreedRP-131103approved11.2.0
36.521-30778-11.1.0Rel-11Cell Timing offsets and Cell Timing uncertainties for CA 8.x and 9.x test casesR5-133836agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30777-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of Uplink-downlink configuration in 6.3.5 of 36.521-3R5-133814agreedRP-131103approved11.2.0
36.521-30776-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to 8.11.4 InterRAT E-UTRA TDD to E-UTRA TDD and UTRA TDD cell searchR5-133813agreedRP-131103approved11.2.0
36.521-30775-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to RRM CA test case 8.16.3R5-133810agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30774-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to RRM CA test case 8.16.1R5-133809agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30773-11.1.0Rel-11Corrections to Conditions for UE Measurements Procedures in RRC_CONNECTED StateR5-133528agreedRP-131114approved11.2.0
36.521-30772-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of TC 7.3.16 E-UTRAN TDD Radio Link Monitoring Test for In-sync under Time Domain Measurement Resource Restriction with MBSFN ABS (eICIC)R5-133441agreedRP-131113approved11.2.0
36.521-30771-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of TC 7.3.14 E-UTRAN TDD Radio Link Monitoring Test for Out-of-sync under Time Domain Measurement Resource Restriction with MBSFN ABS (eICIC)R5-133440agreedRP-131113approved11.2.0
36.521-30770-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to Common Exception messages in RLM testsR5-133435agreedRP-131101approved11.2.0
36.521-30769-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to 9.5.1 and 9.5.2 of 36.521-3R5-133433agreedRP-131103approved11.2.0
36.521-30768-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to 8.11.5 and 8.11.6 of 36.521-3R5-133432agreedRP-131103approved11.2.0
36.521-30767-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to 8.7.3 of 36.521-3R5-133430agreedRP-131101approved11.2.0
36.521-30766-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to Common Exception messages for ReportConfig-A6R5-133421agreedRP-131111approved11.2.0
36.521-30765-11.1.0Rel-11Band 28 update for Intra-freq relative RSRP Test case
36.521-30764-11.1.0Rel-11Uncertainties and Test Tolerances update for Intra-freq RSRP Test cases and
36.521-30763-11.1.0Rel-11eICIC RRM: Message contents for TC-s 7.3.9-12, 8.1.7 and 8.2.5R5-133722agreedRP-131113approved11.2.0
36.521-30762-11.1.0Rel-11RRM: Uncertainties and test tolerances for TCs 9.6.1 and 9.6.2R5-133220agreedRP-131114approved11.2.0
36.521-30761-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of test cases 7.3.13 and 7.3.15R5-133142agreedRP-131113approved11.2.0
36.521-30760-11.1.0Rel-11Uncertainties and Test Tolerances update for Inter-freq RSRP Test cases 9.1.3.x and 9.1.4.xR5-133105agreedRP-131101approved11.2.0
36.521-30759-11.1.0Rel-11Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for eICIC Relative RSRP test cases
36.521-30758-11.1.0Rel-11Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for eICIC Absolute RSRP test cases