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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.1180142110.1.0Rel-10Removing unused stored parameters in the VLR Details C1-105148 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180137110.1.0Rel-10Additional MME Abnormal Cases Details C1-105128 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180136-10.1.0Rel-10Removal of VLR number derivation by the MME Details C1-104048 agreedCP-100740approved10.2.0
29.1180128110.1.0Rel-10Call Forwarding on No Reply Triggering in EMM-CONNECTED Mode Details C1-104489 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180127310.1.0Rel-10DST, Universal time and local time zone handling at the MME Details C1-105129 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180124210.1.0Rel-10Adding location area identity to SGs location update reject message Details C1-104274 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180123-10.1.0Rel-10Length indicator in SGsAP information elements Details C1-103806 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180122110.1.0Rel-10Paging failure on SGs Details C1-104067 agreedCP-100740approved10.2.0
29.1180117110.1.0Rel-10CS domain access rights check in CSFB Details C1-104093 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180114310.1.0Rel-10CS PLMN determination for CSFB Details C1-105233 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180112110.1.0Rel-10Correction of use of release procedure Details C1-104207 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180107210.1.0Rel-10VLR name is not configured locally in the MME for SGsAP-Paging-Request Details C1-104697 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180100210.1.0Rel-10MME Failure Handling Details C1-104209 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0
29.1180099210.1.0Rel-10VLR Failure Handling Details C1-103731 agreedCP-100763approved10.2.0