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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2120911111.5.0Rel-11Title correction  CP-120655approved11.6.0
29.2120908211.5.0Rel-11Clarification of the usage monitoring congestion handling Details C3-121722 agreedCP-120522approved11.6.0
29.2120906-11.5.0Rel-11Remove the editors note regarding the supported feature for NSWO Details C3-121501 agreedCP-120529approved11.6.0
29.2120905211.5.0Rel-11Removal of RAT-Type BBF-WLAN from the Gx/Gxx protocol Details C3-121727 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0
29.2120904-11.5.0Rel-11Unsolicited application reporting for BBAI Details C3-121496 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0
29.2120903-11.5.0Rel-11Including the UDP-Source-Port in the Qos-Rule-Install Details C3-121495 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0
29.2120902111.5.0Rel-11Including the ePDG address and P-GW address on Gx and Gxx Details C3-121672 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0
29.2120901-11.5.0Rel-11Correction to the scope of BBAI annex Details C3-121493 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0
29.2120899111.5.0Rel-11Clarification of the redirection function Details C3-121583 agreedCP-120523approved11.6.0
29.2120893111.5.0Rel-11Definition of case 1, case 2a and case 2b (R11 29.212) Details C3-121550 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0
29.2120889111.5.0Rel-11Supported feature for R11 (R11 29.212) Details C3-121662 agreedCP-120536approved11.6.0
29.2120888211.5.0Rel-11Serving network limitation for PCC Rule Authorization (R11 29.212) Details C3-121720 agreedCP-120536approved11.6.0
29.2120885111.5.0Rel-11Removal of Maximum MBR APN-AMBR (R11 29.212) Details C3-121719 agreedCP-120520approved11.6.0
29.2120875111.5.0Rel-11Addition of PLMN ID for NETLOC in TS 29.212  CP-120646approved11.6.0
29.2120874111.5.0Rel-11Completion of Sd procedures for BBAI II Details C3-121575 agreedCP-120529approved11.6.0
29.2120873111.5.0Rel-11Inclusion of ePDG/PGW IP Address in Gx/Gxx procedures Details C3-121549 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0
29.2120872-11.5.0Rel-11BBAI related Event Triggers completion Details C3-121371 agreedCP-120528approved11.6.0