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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-11521-11.0.1Rel-11Update to minimum requirement of Maximum Output PowerR5-133882agreedRP-131124approved11.1.0
34.121-11520-11.0.1Rel-11Addition of out of sync and Change of TFC scenarios for UL CLTDR5-133880agreedRP-131121approved11.1.0
34.121-11519-11.0.1Rel-11Addition of CDP and ILPC test cases for UL CLTDR5-133879agreedRP-131121approved11.1.0
34.121-11518-11.0.1Rel-11Updates to minimum output power test cases for uplink CLTDR5-133878agreedRP-131121approved11.1.0
34.121-11517-11.0.1Rel-11New RF TC for 34.121-1_5.3D_Uplink Transmit Diversity for HSPA Rel-11R5-133835agreedRP-131121approved11.1.0
34.121-11516-11.0.1Rel-11New RF TC for 34.121-1_5.3C_Uplink Transmit Diversity for HSPA Rel-11R5-133834agreedRP-131121approved11.1.0
34.121-11515-11.0.1Rel-11New MIMO Performance test case for DB-DC-HSDPA and FRC H-Set 11AR5-133821agreedRP-131114approved11.1.0
34.121-11514-11.0.1Rel-11New MIMO Performance test case for DB-DC-HSDPA and FRC H-Set 9AR5-133820agreedRP-131114approved11.1.0
34.121-11513-11.0.1Rel-11Clarification of the power settng time in FDD HO test casesR5-133437agreedRP-131100approved11.1.0
34.121-11512-11.0.1Rel-11Correction to MIMO Performance test case 9.2.4DR5-133334agreedRP-131102approved11.1.0
34.121-11511-11.0.1Rel-11Correction to MIMO Performance test case 9.2.4CR5-133332agreedRP-131102approved11.1.0
34.121-11510-11.0.1Rel-11Correction to FRC information in clause 9.2 for HS-DSCH categories 21 to 28R5-133331agreedRP-131114approved11.1.0
34.121-11508-11.0.1Rel-11Addition of RSRQ based reselection TCR5-133215agreedRP-131124approved11.1.0