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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.2120117-10.1.0Rel-10Single codeword multiple layer transmission in uplink Details R1-112013 agreedRP-110823approved10.2.0
36.2120116-10.1.0Rel-10HARQ-ACK on PUSCH for TDD with channel selection configured for 2 serving cells Details R1-112011 agreedRP-110819approved10.2.0
36.2120114110.1.0Rel-10Rate maching parameters for CA Details R1-111863 agreedRP-110820approved10.2.0
36.2120113-10.1.0Rel-10Clarification on PMI indication in DCI format1B and format 2 Details R1-111829 agreedRP-110818approved10.2.0
36.2120112110.1.0Rel-10Correction on bit representations of transport block processing for UL-SCH Details R1-111860 agreedRP-110820approved10.2.0
36.2120111-10.1.0Rel-10Resource dimensioning for CQI only PUSCH transmission Details R1-111919 agreedRP-110819approved10.2.0
36.2120110110.1.0Rel-10Correction the search space and RNTI for CQI and SRS request flag Details R1-111809 agreedRP-110819approved10.2.0
36.2120108310.1.0Rel-10A clarification for DCI format payload size Details R1-111966 agreedRP-110820approved10.2.0
36.2120107210.1.0Rel-10Corrections on HARQ-ACK Channel Coding in the PUSCH Details R1-111859 agreedRP-110819approved10.2.0
36.2120104210.1.0Rel-10Correction to Multi-cluster flag in DCI format 0 Details R1-111957 agreedRP-110819approved10.2.0
36.2120103310.1.0Rel-10Correction of DCI format 0 and 4 resource allocation Details R1-111870 agreedRP-110819approved10.2.0