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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2121101212.2.0Rel-12Authorized APN-AMBR handling for Update PDP context request when interoperating with Gn/Gp SGSN Details C3-131912 agreedCP-130686approved12.3.0
29.2121099112.2.0Rel-12Unavailable RAT type Details C3-131864 agreedCP-130661approved12.3.0
29.2121093-12.2.0Rel-12Allocation of Diameter application id for S15 Details C3-131706 agreedCP-130674approved12.3.0
29.2121084312.2.0Rel-12IP-CAN session termination to support Fixed Broadband Access network convergence Details C3-131849 agreedCP-130692approved12.3.0
29.2121083112.2.0Rel-12IP-CAN session Modification to support Fixed Broadband Access network convergence Details C3-131590 agreedCP-130692approved12.3.0
29.2121082412.2.0Rel-12Functional elements to support Fixed Broadband Access network convergence Details C3-131850 agreedCP-130692approved12.3.0
29.2121081112.2.0Rel-12Definition and abbreviationto support Fixed Broadband Access network convergence Details C3-131587 agreedCP-130692approved12.3.0
29.2121079212.2.0Rel-12Clarification of PVI and PCI handling for interoperation with GnGp SGSN Details C3-131620 agreedCP-130686approved12.3.0
29.2121078212.2.0Rel-12Error handling when the PCC rule is removed due to the S-GW restoration support Details C3-131607 agreedCP-130682approved12.3.0
29.2121076112.2.0Rel-12Access Network Information Reporting Correction Details C3-131631 agreedCP-130677approved12.3.0
29.2121074-12.2.0Rel-12Correction to access network information for EPS Details C3-131432 agreedCP-130677approved12.3.0
29.2121072212.2.0Rel-12Clarification of the ePDG/P-GW IP address Details C3-131601 agreedCP-130674approved12.3.0
29.2121070-12.2.0Rel-12Correction of AVP name for location age Details C3-131396 agreedCP-130677approved12.3.0
29.2121069112.2.0Rel-12Adding IP-CAN session establishment to support fixed broadband access network convergence Details C3-131570 agreedCP-130692approved12.3.0
29.2121068412.2.0Rel-12Input for general part in PCC procedures Details C3-131915 agreedCP-130692approved12.3.0
29.2121067312.2.0Rel-12Adding the reference architecture to support fixed broadband access network convergence Details C3-131851 agreedCP-130692approved12.3.0
29.2121066312.2.0Rel-12Credit management session failure reporting by the PCEF Details C3-131636 agreedCP-130689approved12.3.0
29.2121065212.2.0Rel-12Alignment correction to application detection description in ADC rule definition Details C3-131605 agreedCP-130688approved12.3.0
29.2121064112.2.0Rel-12Correction to USAGE_REPORT value in Sd re-used AVPs Details C3-131546 agreedCP-130672approved12.3.0
29.2121062112.2.0Rel-12Corrections to CCA in Sd messages Details C3-131545 agreedCP-130671approved12.3.0
29.2121060112.2.0Rel-12Correction to QoS handling for interoperation with Gn/Gp SGSN Details C3-131543 agreedCP-130686approved12.3.0