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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2121259412.6.0Rel-12Clarification of the REVALIDATION_TIMEOUT event trigger Details C3-145310 agreedCP-140900approved12.7.0
29.2121253112.6.0Rel-12TFT handling correction Details C3-145218 agreedCP-140932approved12.7.0
29.2121251112.6.0Rel-12Support for IPv6 prefix retrieve by the HSGW during the eHRPD pre-registration procedure Details C3-145213 agreedCP-140932approved12.7.0
29.2121248112.6.0Rel-123GPP2 reference correction Details C3-145210 agreedCP-140889approved12.7.0
29.2121243112.6.0Rel-12QCI code values “spare for future use” Details C3-145306 agreedCP-140910approved12.7.0
29.2121237-12.6.0Rel-12Number of standard QCI values Details C3-144253 agreedCP-140910approved12.7.0
29.2121235-12.6.0Rel-12RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_FAILURE error response not to be sent upon PCRF-initiated PCC rule Details C3-144203 agreedCP-140889approved12.7.0
29.2121229112.6.0Rel-12Correction to the PC to CS handover indication Details C3-144230 agreedCP-140893approved12.7.0
29.2121224212.6.0Rel-12Mute-Notification Status on Gx and Sd Session Details C3-144284 agreedCP-140894approved12.7.0
29.2121222312.6.0Rel-12Presence Reporting Area Indication on TDF Session Details C3-144311 agreedCP-140908approved12.7.0
29.2121221212.6.0Rel-12NAS/RAN cause handling Details C3-144305 agreedCP-140916approved12.7.0