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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.3070430-10.11.0Rel-10Introduction of 3 DL CA for Band 1+7+20- RP-141465approved10.12.0
36.3070427110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of CA_1A-7A into 36.307 (REl-10)- RP-141329approved10.12.0
36.3070419110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of requirements for 3DL inter-band carrier aggregation including Band 30 and 2DL fallbackR4-145543agreedRP-141554approved10.12.0
36.3070416110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of requirements for 3DL inter-band carrier aggregation (FDD) and 2DL fallbackR4-145540agreedRP-141554approved10.12.0
36.3070413-10.11.0Rel-10CR for 36.307 on CA UE performance requirement in Rel-10R4-144783agreedRP-141527approved10.12.0
36.3070411-10.11.0Rel-10CR on UE performance requirement for Band 31 for 36.307 Rel-10R4-144781agreedRP-141541approved10.12.0
36.3070400-10.11.0Rel-10Introduction of CA band combination Band 1, Band 3 and Band 20 to TS 36.307R4-144752agreedRP-141558approved10.12.0
36.3070390110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of inter-band CA_18-28 into TS36.307- RP-141112approved10.12.0
36.3070382110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of 3 Band Carrier Aggregation of Band 1,Band 3 and Band 5 to TS 36.307(Rel.10)R4-145574agreedRP-141555approved10.12.0
36.3070377-10.11.0Rel-10Introduction of CA_41A-42A to TS 36.307R4-144573agreedRP-141552approved10.12.0
36.3070374210.11.0Rel-10Introduction of CA_B1_B5_B7 into TS 36.307 (Rel-10)- RP-141338approved10.12.0
36.3070364110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of CA_B1_B3_B19 into TS 36.307 (Rel-10)- RP-141198approved10.12.0
36.3070361110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of CA_B1_B3 into TS 36.307 (Rel-10)- RP-141203approved10.12.0
36.3070358-10.11.0Rel-10Introduction of CA 8+11 to 36.307 (Rel-10)R4-144287agreedRP-141551approved10.12.0
36.3070355110.11.0Rel-10Introduction of 3 Band Carrier Aggregation (3DL/1UL) of Band 1, Band 3 and Band 8 to TS 36.307R4-145571agreedRP-141556approved10.12.0
36.3070350-10.11.0Rel-10Introduction of new CA_40C bandwidth combination set into 36.307R4-144083agreedRP-141560approved10.12.0