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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012566312.0.0Rel-12Use of MM backoff timer for voice centric devicesS2-132297agreedSP-130232approved12.1.0
23.4012562312.0.0Rel-12Use of Low Access Priority Indication to select MMES2-132262agreedSP-130232approved12.1.0
23.4012561-12.0.0Rel-12Correction on the applicability of SIPTO@LN at a CSG cellS2-131848 SP-130310approved12.1.0
23.4012559112.0.0Rel-12Addition of End Marker Support for Handover Scenarios with SGW RelocationS2-132246agreedSP-130232approved12.1.0
23.4012557212.0.0Rel-12Individual subscription migration and subscriber troubleshootingS2-132260agreedSP-130232approved12.1.0
23.4012546512.0.0Rel-12Correction to PDN Deactivation for SIPTO@LN?S2-132269 SP-130310approved12.1.0
23.4012543512.0.0Rel-12Correct inconsistency with Stage 1 regarding support for emergency bearer services in the serving networkS2-132300agreedSP-130232approved12.1.0
23.4012540112.0.0Rel-12Clarification on operations related to dual priorityS2-131277 SP-130305approved12.1.0
23.4012538312.0.0Rel-12Direct user plane path establishment for SIPTO at local network on eNodeB- SP-130324approved12.1.0
23.4012521312.0.0Rel-12ISR handling in SIPTO at local network- SP-130324approved12.1.0
23.4012520212.0.0Rel-12Immediate Cancel Location ACK during HSS-initiated detach procedureS2-132064agreedSP-130225approved12.1.0
23.4012518112.0.0Rel-12Clarification that IMSVoPS is MMTELS2-131216agreedSP-130225approved12.1.0