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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
31.1020601-12.4.0Rel-12Correction of change request implementation errorsC6-140502agreedCP-140708approved12.5.0
31.1020600112.4.0Rel-12Removal of USIM Service Table Service for Poll Interval NegotiationC6-140495agreedCP-140700approved12.5.0
31.1020595212.4.0Rel-12Removal of redundant 'Override Extended access barring'C6-140504agreedCP-140701approved12.5.0
31.1020593112.4.0Rel-12Addition of EFs with monitoring and announcing information for ProSe Direct DiscoveryC6-140482agreedCP-140699approved12.5.0
31.1020592212.4.0Rel-12Addition of EF with parameters for public safety ProSe direct communication for PLMNs different from HPLMNC6-140494agreedCP-140699approved12.5.0
31.1020591212.4.0Rel-12Addition of EF with policy parameters for public safety ProSe direct services in out of coverage scenarioC6-140493agreedCP-140699approved12.5.0
31.1020590212.4.0Rel-12Addition of EF with radio parameters for public safety ProSe direct communication in out of coverage scenarioC6-140492agreedCP-140699approved12.5.0
31.1020589212.4.0Rel-12Addition of a EF with IP address of the ProSe FunctionC6-140491agreedCP-140699approved12.5.0
31.1020588112.4.0Rel-12Addition of DF for ProSe configurationC6-140472agreedCP-140699approved12.5.0
31.1020587112.4.0Rel-12Enablement of ProSe functionality for Public SafetyC6-140477agreedCP-140699approved12.5.0
31.1020586312.4.0Rel-12Extension of URI support by USIM servicesC6-140505agreedCP-140703approved12.5.0