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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-11579-11.3.0Rel-11Introduction of new OLTD test cases in Annex FR5-143124agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11578-11.3.0Rel-11Introduction of new Spurious Emissions test case for uplink OLTDR5-143123agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11577-11.3.0Rel-11Annexure update to test tolerances of newly added ch.5 test casesR5-143122agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11576-11.3.0Rel-11Addition of new chapter 5 test cases for UL CLTDR5-143121agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11575-11.3.0Rel-11Update to OOS handling test case for UL CLTDR5-143120agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11574-11.3.0Rel-11Addition of new RRM test cases for UTRAN to E-UTRA Cell Reselection when HS-DSCH DRX or 2nd DRX is configuredR5-143074agreedRP-140835approved11.4.0
34.121-11573-11.3.0Rel-11Adding new enh CELL_FACH test cases and
34.121-11572-11.3.0Rel-11Updates to CELL_FACH test cases, and
34.121-11571-11.3.0Rel-11Update to Chapter 5 test cases for max power, CDP, ILPC, change of TFC, power setting in UL compressed mode with UL CLTDR5-143071agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11570-11.3.0Rel-11Update to incomplete sections of spectrum emission mask & ACLR test cases for UL CLTDR5-143070agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11569-11.3.0Rel-11Addition of Occupied Bandwidth test case for UL CLTDR5-143069agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11568-11.3.0Rel-11New RF TC for 34.121-1_5.3B_Uplink Transmit Diversity for HSPA Rel-11R5-143068agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11567-11.3.0Rel-11Addition of HSDPA Performance cases for Multiflow HSDPAR5-143029agreedRP-140836approved11.4.0
34.121-11566-11.3.0Rel-11Updates to RRM test cases and - Reselection to E-UTRA FDD and TDD when HS-DSCH DRX is configured (E-UTRA has higher priority)R5-142653agreedRP-140835approved11.4.0
34.121-11565-11.3.0Rel-11Introduction of new EVM and phase discontinuity with HS-DPCCH test case for uplink OLTDR5-142625agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11564-11.3.0Rel-11TCs update for 34.121-1_5.3C & D Uplink Transmit Diversity for HSPA Rel-11R5-142226agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11563-11.3.0Rel-11Introduction of new EVM test cases for uplink CLTD in Annex FR5-142220agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0
34.121-11562-11.3.0Rel-11Introduction of new EVM test cases for uplink CLTDR5-142219agreedRP-140831approved11.4.0