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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2510248111.2.0Rel-11Rel-11 CR 32.251 Correction of IMSI Unauthenticated Flag usage in PS chargingS5-121280agreedSP-120360approved11.3.0
32.2510245111.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32.251 Introduction of MME offline charging for SMSS5-121309agreedSP-120365approved11.3.0
32.2510244111.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32.251 Introduction of MME in PS Charging architecture for MTCS5-121308agreedSP-120365approved11.3.0
32.2510243111.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32.251 Correction to PS charging with ePDG charging (CDR, Rf) description - Alignement with 23.402S5-121284agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510242-11.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32.251 Correction to Charging Characteristics conveyance for Ro when serving Node is ePDGS5-121183agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510241111.2.0Rel-11R11 CR 32.251 Correction on CDR generationS5-121283agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510240111.2.0Rel-11Rel-11 CR 32.251 Correction on SGW and PGW Address reporting, alignment with 29.212S5-121275agreedSP-120360approved11.3.0
32.2510237111.2.0Rel-11R11 CR 32.251 correction in visiting case description in CgChar in S-GWS5-120749agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510236111.2.0Rel-11Rev of S5-120661 - R11 CR 32.251 correction in ACA message structureS5-120733agreedSP-120361approved11.3.0
32.2510234111.2.0Rel-11Rel-11 CR 32.251 MTC devices without MSISDNS5-120755agreedSP-120365approved11.3.0
32.2510233-11.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32251 Correction to PS charging with ePDG CDR generation description - Alignement with 23.402S5-120619agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510232-11.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32251 Correction to PGW charging with ePDG as serving Node - Alignement with 23.402S5-120618agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510231-11.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32251 Correction to PS charging with ePDG Rf charging introduction - Alignement with 23.402S5-120617agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510230-11.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32251 Correction to PS charging principles with ePDG introduction - Alignement with 23.402S5-120616agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0
32.2510229-11.2.0Rel-11CR R11 32251 Correction to PS architecture with ePDG introduction - Alignement with 23.402S5-120615agreedSP-120362approved11.3.0