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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1040595-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of 3 DL CA for Band 1+7+20- RP-141463approved12.5.0
36.1040592-12.4.0Rel-12Update of definitions to support supplemental DL in TS36.104R4-145201agreedRP-141562approved12.5.0
36.1040591112.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA combinationsR4-145475agreedRP-141554approved12.5.0
36.1040589-12.4.0Rel-12Correction on UEM related to multi-band operation in TS36.104R4-145075agreedRP-141528approved12.5.0
36.1040577-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band 1, Band 3 and Band 20 to TS 36.104R4-144750agreedRP-141558approved12.5.0
36.1040571112.4.0Rel-12Introduction of inter-band CA_18-28 into TS36.104- RP-141108approved12.5.0
36.1040569112.4.0Rel-12Introduction of 3 Band Carrier Aggregation of Band 1,Band 3 and Band 5 to TS 36.104- RP-141706approved12.5.0
36.1040567112.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination for B1+B7 and B1+B5+B7 to TS 36.104 Rel-12- RP-141446approved12.5.0
36.1040565-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band1 + Band42 + Band42 to TS 36.104R4-144347agreedRP-141559approved12.5.0
36.1040564-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band19 + Band42 + Band42 to TS 36.104R4-144345agreedRP-141557approved12.5.0
36.1040563112.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band1 + Band3 + Band19 to TS 36.104- RP-141201approved12.5.0
36.1040562-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band1 + Band3 to TS 36.104R4-144338agreedRP-141548approved12.5.0
36.1040560-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA 8+11 to 36.104 (Rel-12)R4-144285agreedRP-141551approved12.5.0
36.1040559-12.4.0Rel-12Clarification of high speed train conditions in 36.104R4-144256agreedRP-141532approved12.5.0
36.1040557-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of 3 Band Carrier Aggregation (3DL/1UL) of Band 1, Band 3 and Band 8 to TS 36.104R4-144178agreedRP-141556approved12.5.0
36.1040537-12.4.0Rel-12Introduction of intra-band CA_Band 42C to TS 36.104- RP-141538approved12.5.0