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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.2371012112.3.0Rel-12Deletion of feature tag g.3gpp.mgmt-uriC1-140489agreedCP-140129approved12.4.0
24.2371010-12.3.0Rel-12Correct request for PS to CS cancelled handlingC1-140318agreedCP-140123approved12.4.0
24.2371003112.3.0Rel-12SRVCC Transfer scenarios with conference controlC1-140621agreedCP-140143approved12.4.0
24.2371002112.3.0Rel-12Supported capabilities for transfer scenarios with conference controlC1-140619agreedCP-140143approved12.4.0
24.2371000-12.3.0Rel-12Improving the quality of TS 24.237C1-140197agreedCP-140143approved12.4.0
24.2370999-12.3.0Rel-12Annex F and multiple early sessionsC1-140191agreedCP-140152approved12.4.0
24.2370998112.3.0Rel-12Conditions for applying PS to CS SRVCC access transfer for calls in originating pre-alerting phase addedC1-140420agreedCP-140152approved12.4.0
24.2370994-12.3.0Rel-12Reference to subclause 6A.4.3AC1-140183agreedCP-140143approved12.4.0
24.2370993-12.3.0Rel-12Explaining 1xx, 18x and 2xx status codesC1-140182agreedCP-140143approved12.4.0
24.2370992112.3.0Rel-12Removing overlapping procedures in SCC AS when MSC server cancels the PS to CS SRVCC procedureC1-140616agreedCP-140143approved12.4.0
24.2370991112.3.0Rel-12Clarification of conditions for transfer of calls in an early phaseC1-140419agreedCP-140152approved12.4.0
24.2370990212.3.0Rel-12Allow terminating sessions with voice media in a TA indicating voice over PS is not supported, when there is a session with voice media.C1-140404agreedCP-140126approved12.4.0