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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012632112.2.0Rel-12Modification on Inter-RAT Handover from UTRAN/GERAN to E-UTRAN Details S2-134391 agreedSP-130534approved12.3.0
23.4012629312.2.0Rel-12Introduction of ULI reporting only when the UE is in 'CONNECTED' state  SP-130585approved12.3.0
23.4012627512.2.0Rel-12Introduction of ULI reporting at PCC area level  SP-130584approved12.3.0
23.4012625212.2.0Rel-12Rollback Behaviour in EPC during TAU/RAU rejection Details S2-134396 agreedSP-130533approved12.3.0
23.4012624-12.2.0Rel-12Correction on the network management functions Details S2-133551 agreedSP-130533approved12.3.0
23.4012623412.2.0Rel-12Reporting ULI and TimeZone at Network-initiated bearer release related procedures Details S2-134311 agreedSP-130534approved12.3.0
23.4012622-12.2.0Rel-12HPLMN Notification with specific indication due to MME initiated Bearer removal Details S2-133507 agreedSP-130533approved12.3.0
23.4012621312.2.0Rel-12Fix downlink packet delivery failure due to crash with mobility event Details S2-133739 agreedSP-130524approved12.3.0
23.4012616-12.2.0Rel-12Local deactivation of ISR to resume packet services Details S2-133412 agreedSP-130523approved12.3.0
23.4012613212.2.0Rel-12Use of LAPI for MME/SGSN selection during handover Details S2-133727 agreedSP-130534approved12.3.0
23.4012612-12.2.0Rel-12Correcting reference to the SIPTO@LN subclause Details S2-133401 agreedSP-130526approved12.3.0
23.4012611112.2.0Rel-12Corrections in handover and TAU/RAU procedures related to SIPTO at local network Details S2-133527 agreedSP-130526approved12.3.0
23.4012610-12.2.0Rel-12Correction in Local Home Network ID definition Details S2-133353 agreedSP-130526approved12.3.0
23.4012607112.2.0Rel-12Deactivate ISR for SIPTO@LN Details S2-133529 agreedSP-130526approved12.3.0
23.4012605212.2.0Rel-12Addition of a note addressing the behavior of network side during inter-RAT 3GPP PS Handover Details S2-133699 agreedSP-130540approved12.3.0
23.4012603912.2.0Rel-12Introducing UE Power Saving Mode Details S2-134571 agreedSP-130529approved12.3.0
23.4012602112.2.0Rel-12Clarification for Optimization of LIPA and SIPTO@LN paging Details S2-133528 agreedSP-130526approved12.3.0
23.4012600112.2.0Rel-12Correction on the conditions for including the Local Home Network ID Details S2-133525 agreedSP-130526approved12.3.0
23.4012598612.2.0Rel-12PGW and SGW Charging alignment in downlink  SP-130669approved12.3.0
23.4012597212.2.0Rel-12Handling of uplink packet filters and definition for a valid state of the TFT setting Details S2-134104 agreedSP-130524approved12.3.0
23.40125941212.2.0Rel-12Core Network assisted eNodeB parameters tuning  SP-130726approved12.3.0
23.4012590112.2.0Rel-12Clarification on the handling non-MM message during handover Details S2-133566 agreedSP-130524approved12.3.0
23.4012554412.2.0Rel-12DL traffic mapping alignment with 23.060 Details S2-133615 agreedSP-130524approved12.3.0