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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-32977-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to UTRA test casesR5s120085agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32976-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to selection expression of GCF WI-67 test case 14.6.6cR5s120094agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32975-9.3.0Rel-9Regression CR for UTRA wk08 ATSR5s120123agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32974-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to the NAS test cases for USIM removalR5s120171agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32973-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to GCF WI-010 NAS test case
34.123-32972-9.3.0Rel-9Corrections to VoiceDomainPref IE definition in Attach RequestR5s120131agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32971-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to UTRA RRC PPAC test case
34.123-32970-9.3.0Rel-9Addition of 3G eCall test case to HSPA8_ENH ATSR5s120225agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32969-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to Rel-99 RRC test case
34.123-32968-9.3.0Rel-9Corrections to NAS testcase (12wk08 ATS)R5s120269agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32967-9.3.0Rel-9Corrections to Rel-8 testcases (12wk08 ATS)R5s120268agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32966-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to UTRA Capability testcase (Based on 12wk08 ATS)R5s120267agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32965-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to test step ts_SendSysInfoType2terR5s120270agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32964-9.3.0Rel-9Baseline upgrade of UTRA ATS to March-12 in Rel-10R5s120177agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32963-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to IRAT test cases in IR_U Test SuiteR5s120272agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32962-9.3.0Rel-9Addition of 3G eCall test case to HSPA8_ENH ATSR5s120299agreedRP-120654approved9.4.0
34.123-32961-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to UTRA test case
34.123-32960-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to UTRA test case
34.123-32959-9.3.0Rel-9CR to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A-agreedRP-120650approved9.4.0