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 Spec #CR #Revision #CR CatImpacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #CR status at WGWG meeting refWG Source informationTSG TDoc #CR status at TSGTSG meeting refTSG Source informationNew VersionWork ItemsRemarks
See details 51.010-14997-F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4997 New test case 58b.1.5a Single Carrier Downlink TBF with No Uplink TBF/ Downlink reconfigured to DLMC TBF/ Uplink TBF established Details GP-140525 agreedGERAN#63Ericsson Details GP-140525 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0DMCG-MStest
See details 51.010-14996-F12.1.0Rel-1244., Remove reference to SIM Removal Details GP-140517 agreedGERAN#63Sierra Wireless Details GP-140517 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14995-B12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4995 s14 Conformance Testing for VAMOS III MS Details GP-140516 agreedGERAN#63Nokia Networks,... Details GP-140516 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0
See details 51.010-149941F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4994 13.3 Check retransmission of RACH power reduction Details GP-140527 agreedGERAN#63Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-140527 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14993-F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4993 26.3.4 PICS mnemonic correction Details GP-140514 agreedGERAN#63Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-140514 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-14992-F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4992 Comments corrected in steps 8, 14 and 20 Details GP-140512 agreedGERAN#63Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-140512 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0TEI_Test
See details 51.010-149911F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4991 Test procedure corrections for checking T3234 Details GP-140526 agreedGERAN#63Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-140526 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0NIMTC_GERAN-MSTest 2G
See details 51.010-14990-F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-2-0844 New test case 58b.1.1a added Part2 and also DLMC introduced Details GP-140508 agreedGERAN#63Ericsson Details GP-140508 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0DMCG-MStest
See details 51.010-149891F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4944 - Step correction, incorrect step 2, 16 and 19. Details GP-140533 agreedGERAN#63Ericsson Details GP-140533 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0DMCG-MStest
See details 51.010-149881F12.1.0Rel-12CR 51.010-1-4988 New test case: 58b.1.2a Single Carrier concurrent TBF to DLMC TBF/ Uplink DLMC TBF (on both carrier 1 and carrier 2)/ Reconfigured back to single Carrier Concurrent TBF Details GP-140532 agreedGERAN#63Ericsson Details GP-140532 approvedGERAN#63G3new12.2.0DMCG-MStest