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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.521-30852-11.2.0Rel-12Updates the test system uncertainties and test tolerance for TC 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 6.2.3 and 6.2.4R5-135049agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30851-11.2.0Rel-12Updates to TCs 5.2.1 and 5.2.2R5-135048agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30850-11.2.0Rel-12Updates to TCs and 4.3.3R5-135047agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30849-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 8.5.7 E-UTRAN FDD - UTRAN FDD event triggered reporting under fading propagation conditions for 5MHz bandwidthR5-135044agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30848-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 8.1.10 E-UTRAN FDD-FDD intra frequency event triggered reporting under fading propagation conditions in synchronous cells with DRX for 5MHz bandwidthR5-135043agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30847-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 8.1.9 E-UTRAN FDD-FDD intra frequency event triggered reporting under fading propagation conditions in asynchronous cells for 5MHz bandwidthR5-135042agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30846-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 7.3.25 E-UTRAN FDD Radio Link Monitoring Test for In-sync in DRX for 5MHz BandwidthR5-135041agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30845-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 7.3.24 E-UTRAN FDD Radio Link Monitoring Test for In-sync for 5MHz BandwidthR5-135040agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30844-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 7.3.23 E-UTRAN FDD Radio Link Monitoring Test for Out-of-sync for 5MHz BandwidthR5-135039agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30843-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 7.2.3 E-UTRAN FDD - UE Timing Advance Adjustment Accuracy Test for 5MHz BandwidthR5-135038agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30842-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 7.1.5 E-UTRAN FDD - UE Transmit Timing Accuracy Tests for 5MHz BandwidthR5-135037agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30841-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 6.1.5 E-UTRAN FDD Intra-frequency RRC Re-establishment for 5MHz BandwidthR5-135036agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30840-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 5.1.9 E-UTRAN FDD-FDD Intra frequency handover for 5MHzR5-135035agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30839-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC E-UTRAN FDD - UTRAN FDD cell re-selection: UTRA FDD is of lower priority for 5MHzR5-135034agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30838-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 4.2.9 E-UTRAN FDD-FDD intra-frequency Cell Re-selection case for 5MHzR5-135033agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30836-11.2.0Rel-12Update of band configuration table for Inter BandR5-134898agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30828-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 9.4.3 E-UTRAN FDD - UTRA FDD CPICH Ec/No absolute accuracy for 5MHz bandwidthR5-134824agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30827-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 9.3.3 E-UTRAN FDD - UTRA FDD CPICH RSCP absolute accuracy for 5MHz bandwidthR5-134823agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30826-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 9.2.18 FDD Inter frequency RSRQ Accuracy for 5MHz BandwidthR5-134822agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30824-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC FDD Inter frequency RSRP Accuracy for 5MHz BandwidthR5-134820agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30823-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 9.1.16 FDD Intra frequency RSRP Accuracy for 5MHz BandwidthR5-134819agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30819-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 6.2.6 E-UTRAN FDD - Non-Contention Based Random Access Test for 5MHz BandwidthR5-134586agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30818-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 6.2.5 E-UTRAN FDD - Contention Based Random Access Test for 5MHz BandwidthR5-134585agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30817-11.2.0Rel-12Addition of new TC 5.2.11 E-UTRAN FDD - UTRAN FDD handover for 5MHz BandwidthR5-134583agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30816-11.2.0Rel-12Introduction of Band 31 to Annex I conditions for RRM measurementsR5-134579agreedRP-131889approved12.0.0
36.521-30807-11.2.0Rel-12Introduction of FDD Intra frequency absolute RSRQ for 5MHz Bandwidth Test case
36.521-30805-11.2.0Rel-12Introduction of FDD Inter frequency absolute RSRP for 5MHz Bandwidth Test case