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See details 23.20309565F12.6.0Rel-12Convergence PCC for fixed access broadband: alignment to SA5 conclusion of work   - Details SP-140838 approvedSA#66Huawei, Hisilic...12.7.0P4C-F
See details 23.20309542F12.6.0Rel-12Proposal to solve the discussion on how QoS change of default bearer affects PCC Rules bound to the default bearer Details S2-144674 agreedSA2#106Ericsson Details SP-140686 approvedSA#66S212.7.0TEI12, SAES 2G
See details 23.20309452F12.6.0Rel-12Correction to Delay Budget for first packets in a data burst Details S2-143742 agreedSA2#105Vodafone Details SP-140678 approvedSA#66S212.7.0GCSE_LTE 2G
See details 23.20309381A12.6.0Rel-12Correct Reference to 3GPP2 X.S0057 Details S2-143499 agreedSA2#105Alcatel-Lucent Details SP-140668 approvedSA#66S212.7.0SAES 2G
See details 23.20309234F12.6.0Rel-12Charging correlation identifier for the IP-CAN session Details S2-144522 agreedSA2#106Ericsson Details SP-140685 approvedSA#66S212.7.0TEI12, SAES 2G
See details 23.20309192A12.6.0Rel-12Support for IPv6 prefix retrieve by the HSGW during the eHRPD pre-registration procedure Details S2-143717 agreedSA2#105ZTE, China Tele... Details SP-140671 approvedSA#66S212.7.0TEI10, SAES 2G
See details 23.20309104F12.6.0Rel-12QoS handling at inter-RAT mobility Details S2-143739 agreedSA2#105Ericsson Details SP-140678 approvedSA#66S212.7.0GCSE_LTE 2G
See details 23.20309034A12.6.0Rel-12Clarifications for TFT handling   - Details SP-140837 approvedSA#66Huawei, Hisilicon12.7.0TEI11