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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012810113.0.0Rel-13UE capability storage in the MME Details S2-144362 agreedSP-140670approved13.1.0
23.4012797-13.0.0Rel-13MME - RCAF interface Details S2-143952 agreedSP-140689approved13.1.0
23.4012790213.0.0Rel-13E-UTRAN initiated E-RAB modification procedure update Details S2-143913 agreedSP-140687approved13.1.0
23.4012789113.0.0Rel-13Clarification to non-3GPP access to 3GPP access handover procedure Details S2-143697 agreedSP-140685approved13.1.0
23.4012786113.0.0Rel-13Handling CS Service Notification received during handover Details S2-143676 agreedSP-140669approved13.1.0
23.4012780313.0.0Rel-13Adding interoperabilty aspects between RAN and CN for the CN-based solution Details S2-143634 agreedSP-140689approved13.1.0
23.4012779113.0.0Rel-13Correction to the Low Access Priority Indication use by the network. Details S2-143669 agreedSP-140685approved13.1.0
23.4012773113.0.0Rel-13Correction of 'extended wait timers' in RRC signalling Details S2-143581 agreedSP-140672approved13.1.0
23.4012769213.0.0Rel-13QoS handling at inter-RAT mobility Details S2-143741 agreedSP-140678approved13.1.0
23.4012764113.0.0Rel-13Clarification of WLAN offload indication from MME in E-UTRAN Details S2-143431 agreedSP-140684approved13.1.0
23.4012761113.0.0Rel-13Clarifications for Multimedia Priority Services Details S2-143723 agreedSP-140685approved13.1.0
23.4012759313.0.0Rel-13Clarifications for TFT handling Details S2-144255 agreedSP-140674approved13.1.0
23.4012758113.0.0Rel-13Clarification on the RAN assistance parameters based on RAN WGs agreements Details S2-143437 agreedSP-140684approved13.1.0
23.4012756-13.0.0Rel-13Support of non-seamless offloading with RAN rules Details S2-143127 agreedSP-140684approved13.1.0
23.4012754113.0.0Rel-13Pending Subscription Change Details S2-143577 agreedSP-140686approved13.1.0
23.4012752113.0.0Rel-13Correction of the CN assisted eNodeB parameter tuning Details S2-143515 agreedSP-140680approved13.1.0
23.4012747213.0.0Rel-13Paging enhancements for Low Complexity UE Details S2-143797 agreedSP-140686approved13.1.0
23.4012746-13.0.0Rel-13Handling of E-UTRAN Inter RAT Handover information at PS Handover from GERAN Details S2-143084 agreedSP-140675approved13.1.0
23.4012731713.0.0Rel-13Paging policy differentiation for IMS voice Details S2-144682 agreedSP-140688approved13.1.0