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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012715212.4.0Rel-12Correction on the description of Location Service function Details S2-142173  SP-140377approved12.5.0
23.4012707412.4.0Rel-12Introduction of Dual Connectivity Operation Details S2-142259 agreedSP-140262approved12.5.0
23.4012697412.4.0Rel-12Traffic steering for RAN-based WLAN interworking solution Details S2-142260 agreedSP-140270approved12.5.0
23.4012696312.4.0Rel-12Correction of ULI reporting only when the UE is in 'CONNECTED' state Details S2-141985 agreedSP-140257approved12.5.0
23.4012695112.4.0Rel-12PGW initiated bearer request message arrival during the TAU Details S2-142008  SP-140377approved12.5.0
23.4012694512.4.0Rel-12Correction to the MME initiated bearer setup during the TAU procedure Details S2-142186  SP-140377approved12.5.0
23.4012693312.4.0Rel-12Inter PLMN handover for emergency bearer service Details S2-142140  SP-140377approved12.5.0
23.4012689212.4.0Rel-12Clarification on MME behaviour on roaming situation Details S2-142150 agreedSP-140256approved12.5.0
23.4012684912.4.0Rel-12CN Assistance information for eNB parameters setting Details S2-142262 agreedSP-140263approved12.5.0
23.4012683212.4.0Rel-12Clarifications for Power Savings Mode Details S2-141460 agreedSP-140263approved12.5.0
23.4012681112.4.0Rel-12Clarifications for presence reporting area based location reporting Details S2-141287 agreedSP-140257approved12.5.0
23.4012680112.4.0Rel-12Clarification on ISR for PSM UE Details S2-141370 agreedSP-140263approved12.5.0
23.4012679512.4.0Rel-12Clarifying when the PGW can set ULI reporting, CSG reporting and PRA reporting Details S2-141958 agreedSP-140257approved12.5.0
23.4012672-12.4.0Rel-12Handling of MME UE S1AP ID in case of S1 release Details S2-141073  SP-140377approved12.5.0
23.4012663112.4.0Rel-12Correction on priority paging Details S2-141245 agreedSP-140251approved12.5.0
23.4012660312.4.0Rel-12IRAT handover MME handling Details S2-141267 agreedSP-140256approved12.5.0
23.4012658312.4.0Rel-12Introduction of Dual Connectivity Function Details S2-142183 agreedSP-140262approved12.5.0
23.4012656112.4.0Rel-12Correction of possible PGW actions during PDN connection termination Details S2-141302 agreedSP-140272approved12.5.0
23.4012655212.4.0Rel-12PGW pause of charging functionality and inter-operator charging Details S2-141271  SP-140377approved12.5.0
23.4012654112.4.0Rel-12Add PCO handling to the PGW initiated bearer modification procedure Details S2-141235 agreedSP-140255approved12.5.0