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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-11545-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of chapter 5 ACLR cases for UL CLTDR5-134991agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11544-11.1.1Rel-11Update to chapter 5 out of sync test cases and addition of peak code domain error accuracy with UL CLTDR5-134972agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11543-11.1.1Rel-11Correction to E-UTRAN FDD RSRP/RSRQ test casesR5-135067agreedRP-131863approved11.2.0
34.121-11542-11.1.1Rel-11New RRM test cases and - Reselection to E-UTRA FDD and TDD when HS-DSCH DRX is configured (E-UTRA has higher priority)R5-134848agreedRP-131885approved11.2.0
34.121-11541-11.1.1Rel-11Introduction of new test case to TS34.121-1R5-134847agreedRP-131885approved11.2.0
34.121-11540-11.1.1Rel-11Introduction of new test cases and to TS34.121-1R5-134846agreedRP-131885approved11.2.0
34.121-11539-11.1.1Rel-11Applicability update to chapter 5 test cases for UL CLTDR5-134845agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11538-11.1.1Rel-11Update to chapter 5 CDP accuracy cases for UL CLTDR5-134844agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11537-11.1.1Rel-11Annexure update for UL CLTD test casesR5-134843agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11536-11.1.1Rel-11Updation of max output power test cases for Ul CLTDR5-134842agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11535-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case Change of TFC for OLTDR5-134841agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11534-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case Out-of-synchronisation handling of output power for OLTDR5-134840agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11533-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case Minimum Output Power for OLTDR5-134839agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11532-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case Inner Loop Power Control in the Uplink for OLTDR5-134838agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11531-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case UE Relative Code Domain Power Accuracy for HS-DPCCH and E-DCH with 16QAM for OLTDR5-134837agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11530-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case UE Relative Code Domain Power Accuracy for HS-DPCCH and E-DCH for OLTDR5-134836agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11529-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case UE relative code domain power accuracy for OLTDR5-134835agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11528-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case Maximum Output Power with HS-DPCCH and E-DCH for OLTDR5-134834agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0
34.121-11527-11.1.1Rel-11Removal of transition period Notes of Rx div from HSDPA performance testsR5-134827agreedRP-131859approved11.2.0
34.121-11526-11.1.1Rel-11Correction to UMTS Maximum Output Power TCs for UEs that support inter-band CA configurationR5-134826agreedRP-131887approved11.2.0
34.121-11525-11.1.1Rel-11Update of titles for legacy RRM test cases due to introduction of Further Enhancement to CELL_FACH RRM test casesR5-134573agreedRP-131885approved11.2.0
34.121-11524-11.1.1Rel-11Update of test conditions for RRM delay tests in F.6.2.8R5-134497agreedRP-131857approved11.2.0
34.121-11523-11.1.1Rel-11Changes to referense sensitivity test casesR5-134430agreedRP-131857approved11.2.0
34.121-11522-11.1.1Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test case Maximum Output Power for OLTDR5-134326agreedRP-131881approved11.2.0