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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1040537-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of intra-band CA_Band 42C to TS 36.104R4-142903agreedRP-140946approved12.4.0
36.1040535-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band 1 and Band 20 to TS 36.104R4-143787agreedRP-140942approved12.4.0
36.1040527-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE_CA_NC_B42 into 36.104R4-143701agreedRP-140940approved12.4.0
36.1040512112.3.0Rel-12Introduction of operating band 32 and CA band 20+32 in TS36.104R4-143970agreedRP-140926approved12.4.0
36.1040509-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE-Advanced CA of Band 8 and Band 40 into TS 36.104R4-143173agreedRP-140930approved12.4.0
36.1040504-12.3.0Rel-12Clarification on definitions and ACLR requirement in TS36.104R4-142660agreedRP-140913approved12.4.0
36.1040501-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA 1+11 to 36.104 (Rel-12)R4-142616agreedRP-140931approved12.4.0
36.1040483-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of intra-band non-contiguous Carrier Aggregation in Band 2 to TS 36.104R4-142572agreedRP-140938approved12.4.0
36.1040478-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of intra-band non-contiguous Carrier Aggregation in Band 41 for 3DL to TS 36.104R4-142561agreedRP-140944approved12.4.0
36.1040477112.3.0Rel-12Introduction of band B4+B27 CA to TS36.104R4-142450agreedRP-140933approved12.4.0
36.1040469-12.3.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band 1 and Band 20 to TS 36.104R4-141556agreedRP-140942approved12.4.0
36.1040465-12.3.0Rel-12CR for clarification for receiver requirement on MB-MSR BSR4-141334agreedRP-140913approved12.4.0