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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012877113.2.0Rel-13Clarification of Group specific NAS Level congestion control Details S2-151883 agreedSP-150237approved13.3.0
23.4012876113.2.0Rel-13Dual connectivity handling for the failed E-RAB(s) Details S2-151888 agreedSP-150230approved13.3.0
23.4012872213.2.0Rel-13HSS and MME updates for AESE 3GPP resource optimizations based on providing predictable communication patterns of a UE to the MME Details S2-152030 agreedSP-150235approved13.3.0
23.4012871213.2.0Rel-13Monitoring event configuration in the HSS and MME Details S2-152037 agreedSP-150236approved13.3.0
23.4012869213.2.0Rel-13Clarification on Network Triggered Service Request  SP-150284approved13.3.0
23.4012866313.2.0Rel-13Group specific NAS Level congestion control for multiple APNs Details S2-152079 agreedSP-150237approved13.3.0
23.4012865-13.2.0Rel-13User CSG Information in TAU/RAU with SGW change procedure Details S2-151506 agreedSP-150239approved13.3.0
23.4012864313.2.0Rel-13Adding support for load re-balancing within DCN Details S2-152108 agreedSP-150234approved13.3.0
23.4012862313.2.0Rel-13Introducing functions for High latency communication Details S2-152097 agreedSP-150238approved13.3.0
23.4012861313.2.0Rel-13MS Info Change Reporting Action at change of Serving Node (MME <--> SGSN): Update of call Flows Details S2-151417 agreedSP-150229approved13.3.0
23.4012857113.2.0Rel-13Paging priority and ARP Priority level: extension of CR2812r2 to CR2840r2 Details S2-151137 agreedSP-150239approved13.3.0
23.4012853-13.2.0Rel-13MCC CR Implementation correction: Group specific NAS Level congestion control Details S2-150983 agreedSP-150237approved13.3.0
23.4012851213.2.0Rel-13Support for Monitoring Events Details S2-151275 agreedSP-150236approved13.3.0
23.4012850213.2.0Rel-13Update to PSM to support monitoring events Details S2-151411 agreedSP-150236approved13.3.0
23.4012843213.2.0Rel-13APN and group specific NAS Level congestion control Details S2-151193 agreedSP-150237approved13.3.0
23.40128371113.2.0Rel-13Introduce the Dedicated Core Network (DECOR) feature Details S2-152107 agreedSP-150234approved13.3.0
23.4012831113.2.0Rel-13Correcting ESM re-activation attempts at PLMN change when only one IP version is supported by the network Details S2-150804 agreedSP-150230approved13.3.0